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LNY Fashion Show 2016 Recap

Hi Everyone! With Spring Break over, I wanted to take the time to recap 6100 Main’s flagship event, the Lunar New Year Fashion Show. This year’s show was my first and what an amazing experience it was. Dare I say it was the best one yet. The theme was ROY.G.BIV, a play on the colors of the rainbow where each outfit accentuated a particular color against a black backdrop. It was intended to be simple and modern with a sizable injection of traditional elements. The show could have been too simple – boring even – and it didn’t turn out that way at all. Personally, I thought there was a great fusion of modern and traditional elements and a balance of formal and daily wear. Last year’s show aimed to promote the blog as well as elevate the fashion of the student body as a whole, and I believe we did that again here.  Simply put, I thought it was fab. And I hope you think so too. 

We had the models walk in order of color so red went out first, then orange, etc. Each outfit was contrasted by the next – as one was modern, the other being traditional. Take a gander please.

**For all the models not featured here, we apologize in advance as we don’t have the pictures! L **

One of the most interesting things I found looking back at the photos was how well some of the current trends in fashion have shown up in the traditional wear. The traditional red dress Rachel Ngo wears has a halter neck which has been a major trend for a while now, just as the thigh split of the male model here. (Kudos to him for wearing heels better than some of us females–we are all impressed) Trends really do come back guys. Maybe I won’t throw away my Baby G watch after all. Who needs a Daniel Wellington? 

While all of the outfits were great, one of my favorite outfits in this show was Thu’s. I love that she wore a pair of oversized men’s hanbok pants and styled them like the high-waisted wide-legged trousers we've been seeing in stores for a while now. From afar, they looked like paper bag high waisted silk pants, only with a traditional print. I especially loved the pairing of the pants with the long sleeved black crop top – it was simple yet totally modern at the same time. Would wear. 

Last, but not least, the finale dresses - made by Thu Nguyen herself and Cindy Nguyen. The two dresses were variations on a shift dress with artistic swipes of rainbows across the front. Shift dresses have been in for a while now and are one of my favorite dress silhouettes, so I especially loved the dresses Thu designed. It's a shame we don't have a picture of the backs - the cutout was so chic (and a little sexy wink wink). 

A note from the designer herself:
The closing pieces are projects intended to work my sewing skills and hand at design. To fit with the theme this year, I knew I wanted to make black dresses, then somehow add color - all the colors - to them. My inspiration simply came from a lack of shift dresses in my personal closet. Every fashion blogger will agree that a shift dress is your fast pass to looking put together in under thirty seconds. It became a challenge to myself to make dresses that rival ones sold in the malls: a structured t-shirt dress, and a drop shoulder dress. Unfortunately, there were no pictures, but the drop shoulder dress on Kaysie Tam had a (accidentally) wide v-back opening, kept classy with a strap across the shoulders. The idea was that I would keep this dress for any sort of formal occasion, and it would be a little daring but still posh. Once the dresses were finished, I handed them over to Cindy Nguyen, artist and literal twin of mine, to paint on the designs. Her taste and mine go hand in hand, so I knew she would enjoy this task. Gradient was the best way to go, in order to have a rainbow of colors without looking too tacky, and the patterns she came up with were simply from playing around with her brushes. The end products were better than I could have ever imagined (we were sewing and painting up until the show!) and, yes, I am contemplating on possibly marketing similar dresses in the future, if the demand is high enough... 


All in all, this year's show was a huge success. Thank you to the audience for the endless cheers and applause - you make it worthwhile. Thanks for Thu for coordinating everything so flawlessly, and to the stylists - Thu Nguyen, myself, Joanne Shin, Kunal Shah, and Danielle Manahan. With Jessie Chan on our team, we were able to do some pretty dramatic and colorful looks, raising the standard for next year. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you again at the show next year! 


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