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Becoming a Bond Girl: Esperanza Guide Pt. 3 (Ladies)

As a freshman, I don’t quite yet know what to expect from Esperanza, but I do know what the stereotypical spy-in-disguise uniform entails: something sexy, 

Bérénice Marlohe wearing a gorgeous red Donna Karan dress for 2012 “Skyfall” promo
Anne Hathaway looking glamourous in 2008’s Get Smart
yet classy
Another of Bérénice Marlohe in Skyfall (sorry, friends), in a dress that took six months to create and uses about 6,000 hand-applied crystals, according to Vogue.
And while that may not be everyone’s style, that’s definitely one costume theme I’d love dressing up for. Even if you don't typically see yourself in something as provocative as seen in spy films, Esperanza can definitely be your chance to try it out. Here are my top picks for Esperanza*:


For me, it’s all about the classics: a spy’s main goal, after all, is to go undetected. Blacks, reds, golds, whites--colors that draw the eye, but in the most subtle way possible. The dress below easily encapsulates all that is sleek and eye-catching about a modern day femme fatale without being too over-the-top. The deep v-cut is perfect for small-to-medium-sized busts, and the back (not shown) features a criss-cross strap design, which makes the dress a little more interesting.

Billie Crossover Bodycon Dress--Nasty Gal ($58)

If you’re for something a little more modest, but still sultry, this next dress features a long sleeve with a slightly higher neckline. The hem length is still fairly short, which allows for plenty freedom of movement on the dance floor. Take caution, though, in purchasing velvet garments--they get hot (and not the good kind)!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.24.38 AM.png
Kate Velvet Plunge Neck Bodycon Dress--Boohoo ($35)

Maybe you want something a little longer. The dress below appears to be more of a sunburnt orange than the red that the website describes it as, but no matter! The simplistic front of this knee-length, high-neck dress will show that you’re ready to get down to business, while the criss-cross straps and small slit in the back make it clear: the first item on the agenda--to party.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.40.42 AM.png
Rebel Yell Criss Cross Bodycon Dress--Nasty Gal ($58)

Of course, what’s the point of being a spy without all the glitz and glamour? And in terms of homecoming fashion, this equates roughly sequins. Lots of them. The simple cut of this dress--albeit the deep, rounded v-cut on the neckline--is more than made up for by the dazzling, Great Gatsby-esque sequin design. The gold sparkle will shine under flashing lights (and probably blind any enemies in the process).

Tiger Mist Disco Diva Sequin Dress--Nasty Gal ($118)

Finally, my favorite. The color is more subdued than the previous suggestions, making it perfect for multiple occasions. What pulled me in was the cut: the asymmetrical neckline is classy, yet intriguing, and it shows a bit of skin while still offering a decent amount of coverage in the chest area. This dress just screams of sophistication.

Nisha Mini Dress-Plum--Nasty Gal ($58) ~~~
So are you ready, Agent? You’re a spy. You’re utterly suave, on a mission, and can kick the ass of anybody who gets in your way. And even if none of the above is true, Esperanza is your night to pretend, so step out and be bold.

*The dresses I've chosen above are only available online; they are simply examples of the type of the style I would go for. Good physical locations to check out that feature similar pieces would be TopShop, H&M, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, BCBG, among others.


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