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Unconventional Alumni: Deanne Nguyen, Fashion Inspiration

Hopefully through this blog, you have been able to realize that our student body can be pretty fashionable when we want to be (every day or for the job fair once a semester.) But among us, how many have a hidden dream of joining the fashion industry? Which of us CompSci, Busi, Chbe, Engl, Chem, etc. majors secretly ache to also major in Fashion? But have set aside our dreams of designing and styling for our greater dreams of leading and saving the [non-fashion] world? A lot of people imagine Rice students to graduate into engineering, law, and medicine jobs/schools. As much as the majority of us fit this stereotype, there will be some who continue 'unconventional' and enter fields not spoken about on campus. 
I am honored and pleased to introduce to you all one of these unconventional people, Will Rice '11, Deanne Nguyen! She graduated with a linguistics background and currently works in Seoul, South Korea with a news agency but, most importantly, is the co-founder and crea…

A Shiny New Year

Preface: Yes, this is the first post of 2015 (!!!),  but before I start I would like to explain that I have been working on this post in bits and pieces since November. It is simply a matter of procrastination and inappropriate timing on my part that has caused this post to clinch this coveted annual title.

     Do you remember that scene in The Devil Wears Prada when Miranda Priestly is in a roundtable discussion about ideas for Runway Magazine's Spring issue and, after one of the other editors suggests a spread on florals, Priestly dryly responds (like Death Valley dry) with "Florals? For spring?...Groundbreaking."

     This has been my opinion on metallics for Fall/Winter. Don't get me wrong, I love metallics and I personally look forward to this time of the year because the trend is so lovingly recycled. I can be sure I will see celebrities lauded for their seasonally-appropriate use of metallics. I guess what I'm saying is that metallics have almost become m…