Style Profile: Eric Lee

Name: Eric Lee
College: Duncan '16
Major: Computer Science

Personal style quirk?

I have a hard time treating my clothes like fast fashion, I get pretty attached to them and can’t throw them away.
I do most of my shopping online, because stores generally don’t carry my size and I don’t have the patience to thrift. 

Favorite stores? 

Uniqlo, Gap and Old Navy!

"The light blue denim shirt with elbow patches is from my junior year in high school. This shirt was part of an online Urban splurge that happened a couple of weeks before AP Testing because I was super stressed out. At the time I didn’t even have a credit card so I stole my mom’s from her purse. My conscience got the better of me so I told them--while we were eating out at Chinese restaurant. I could tell that my parents were trying to do their best to hold it together. Dinner was pretty awkward and silent after that. My parents blew up right when we got back in the car.
The shirt originally didn’t have elbow patches, but I wore the shirt so often that there were massive holes on each elbows. I couldn’t get myself to throw it away, so I went on Amazon and bought a set of tan elbow patches. When the patches came in they were larger than the sleeves. So I made a stencil, and at one point I had to use servery cups to draw the round edges. I spent an afternoon poking holes in the tough hide. Later I borrowed a friends sewing kit and watched a lot of Youtube to figure out how to backstitch."

Never caught wearing/worst wardrobe malfunction?
In high school I wore denim on denim one day and my American literature teacher pointed it out. She said something along the lines of “Wow Eric, denim on denim”. But I didn’t quite hear her, so I responded, “What? diem on diem is like a latin motto, day the day?" The whole class broke out in laughter and I was still pretty confused. To this day I consciously check if I am wearing denim on denim.

"The blue cardigan was from sophomore year in college. It was the morning before Esperanza--my friend and I went to Rice Village to get new ties. Urban just so happened to have a clearance sale going on and both he and I ended up getting these cardigans for a really good deal — he got a maroon one and I got a navy one. I ended up forgetting the main reason why we went shopping and wore his senior prom bow tie for Esperanza. This cardigan is actually a victim to the occasional bleach stains that I get from using the Duncan washing machines. I’ve never personally used bleach, but I guess sometime people use too much bleach and the leftover bleach ends up going on the next person’s load. Like the denim shirt I was too attached to this cardigan throw it away so I mixed together blue pens, blue markets, purple markers, black pens and markers to make this dye cover over the stains."

When you were in high school, you wore?
I started really caring about clothing in middle school and since then my style was mainly inspired by the preppy and waspy styles. The style suited my inner motivation then for fashion, because I was driven by this desire to use my clothing to control what others perceive of me. I wanted others to think I was affluent. By mid-sophomore of college year my preppy style was been pretty solidified. Back then my staple was a v-neck sweater over a collared shirt.

How has your style evolved since you came to Rice?

As I grew in college and became more secure in my identity, I no longer wanted my motivation for dressing up everyday to be to impressed others, but for myself. Since then I’ve been trying to find new inspiration.
For a while Americana was my inspiration and streetwear seemed pretty cool, but I am still unable to get myself to pull the trigger and make any drastic style changes. So my current style is still very predominately collegiate looking, but it has eclectic pieces here and there from the various inspirations I find.

If there was an Eric Lee uniform, what would it be?
There can never be enough blue.
A typically daily go-to outfit would be a crewneck sweatshirt with whatever comfortable pants. I recently bought a pair of joggers off of Amazon, so I’ve been wearing that combination a lot.
I try to dress a bit nicer on Fridays and Sundays. My go-to for looking nicer is a denim shirt. In my opinion a nice clean denim shirt is perfect for any occasion, you’ll never have to be afraid of over or under dressing.

"Today my style goals come from a fashion blog on Tumblr called death-by-elocution, even thought the blog is mostly pictures of women wearing flowy androgynous urban styles. I think this again comes from me being more comfortable with myself. I’ve come to accept that my smaller body frame can seem feminine at times. In my early college days I was asked if I was gay a few times, because of 'how nice I dressed' and my internal response then was fear. I was afraid to be different. I thought about 'dressing down', hitting the gym to get 'bigger' or ways to dress more 'straight'. Now, I’ve come to accept my body image and willing to accept that my body isn’t chiseled like Captain America. I embrace that my body is feminine. I really like this blog because even though the models tend to have more masculine bodies and outfits are all masculine inspired, yet the outfits accentuate the models’ feminine beauty. I study these outfits because I keep wondering if I can reverse engineer them so that males with feminine bodies can wearing feminine inspired clothing and accentuate their masculinity. I haven’t experimented to much with this yet."

"I have also learn to accept my Asian American heritage and I’ve been looking for inspirations on incorporating it in my taste. Although I can’t afford high fashion, Shiatzy is a design house that I really admire. She beautifully intertwines Sino and Western culture seamlessly in her designs. A purchase I’ve been wanting to make is a nice mandarine collared shirt. I’ve also thought about instead of buying a new shirt, just cutting the collars off of one of my shirts. But I’ll need to learn how to use the sewing machine for that."

Best fashion advice?

My advice would be for the all smaller guys out there don't limit what you wear just because there is guide out there online saying that you need to wear this and this to look bigger or taller. Wear whatever you like. Embrace your bodies. Body positive!

A huge thanks to Eric for sharing his style!

Photography by: Wesley Yee
Interviewed by: Joanne Shin

The 007 Countdown (Esperanza Guide Pt. 4)

It's time, agents. Your mission begins in just two days...are you ready?

I'm sure all you Bond ladies already have your espionage ensembles lined up and ready to go (if you don't, check out 6100 blogger Danielle's guide to femme fatale fashion), but before you embark on your journey to Esperanza, let us send you off with 7 last-minute makeup tips and tricks to ensure your night is a success:


Everything is about balance. One rule I personally swear by is highlighting only one facial feature at a time. For example, the classic combo I always opt for is a dramatic smokey eye balanced by a neutral or nude lip. 

Let's be real here, every femme fatale's gotta have her smolder. Smokey eyes scream sexy and seductive. If you want your eyes to pop (and possibly even captivate the gaze of a handsome Bond man across the dance floor?), this is the way to go. If you're less experienced with dramatic eye makeup, the traditional dark smokey eye is your best bet. However, if you're feeling a bit more daring, try your hand at a gold or bronze smokey eye. When pulled off right, these are absolutely BEAUTIFUL.


Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette has some great colors (most famously their Half-Baked)that would be perfect for this golden look. 

On the other hand, if dark, dramatic eyes aren't your thing, try complementing a neutral eye with a dark or bright lip. Now that fall's here, it's the optimal time of year to whip out your maroon, plum, and burgundy shades. 

Pairing dark, matte lips with lighter eyes always guarantees a mature, sophisticated look.(On the topic of lighter eyes, here's another tip: Applying shimmery or bright white eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes opens up your eyes and makes them appear bigger and more awake)

Though definitely pricier than your drug-store go-to's, MAC lip liners and lipsticks are high-quality and absolutely perfect for this look. 

But to be honest, makeup is a chance for you to express YOUR own personal taste and style. Feel free to follow the rules and keep your features balanced, or make a statement and put yourself out there with a bold eye-and-lip look. I mean, Severine herself did it in Skyfall.

One word: Fire.


There's no better opportunity than a night as grand and special as Esperanza to rock some eyeliner. When done right, eyeliner can truly enhance and pull your makeup look together. Here are three of my personal tips and tricks:

1. If you're inexperienced with eyeliner, PLEASE PRACTICE BEFOREHAND. There is nothing as stressful and terrifying as desperately trying to fix uneven or smeared liner right before a big event. Trust me, I know. If you're new to eyeliner or makeup in general, definitely try it out a few times first and keep things simple - a well-done, simply lined eye looks a million times better than a beginner's attempt at wings.

2. Clean up uneven liner or minor smears with a Q-tip dipped in eye makeup remover. This trick works every time. Dip one end of a Q-tip into eye makeup remover and carefully tidy up your liner and wings for a smoother, cleaner finish.

3. Want to try your hand at wings? Use tape! Nailing perfect, even wings is actually mission impossible. However, a little help from scotch tape does make the job easier. Elle has a great guide on how to use tape and liquid liner to create a beautifully winged look.


It's happened to all of us at least once before. It leaves you feeling devastated, all your hard work and dedication gone to waste: the invincible mascara smear. You don't have time to deal with mascara residue all over your upper lids, especially not when you're racing the clock to make it to Esperanza. Outsmart the enemy and check out makeup goddess Michelle Phan's neat trick - all you need is a business card to terminate mascara mistakes forever. 


You can never go wrong with a red lip. It's classic, bold, and sexy - everything a Bond girl should be. 

Don't forget, there's many different shades of red out there. Find the one that screams "you".

Lock in on the perfect red lip in four easy steps:

1. Apply a small amount of concealer to your lips before getting started. The concealer will nude out your lips and give you the chance to change your lip shape before adding color.

2. Line and fill in your lips with a red lip liner. Outlining your lips first helps you carve out a perfect, smooth shape, and filling in your lips with liner before using lipstick helps them hold onto the color longer.

3. Apply your red lipstick straight from the bullet. Avoid using a lip brush - application from the bullet yields more pigment so you don't (and shouldn't!) use too much.

4. Finally, seal your lips (and spy secrets!) with powder. Yes, the same powder you use on your face. As weird as it sounds, the powder creates a beautiful matte finish and prolongs the wear of your red lip. Gently press a matte powder onto your lips using a soft eyeshadow blending brush.     


You can dance the night away, but the clock never stops. The last thing you want is for your makeup to smudge, smear, or run before the night ends. Apply facial primer and eyeshadow primer as bases before you begin the rest of your makeup to lock your look in place and keep you looking fresh and #flawless all night.

*channels inner Beyonce*
Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer is a crowd favorite and gives your skin a soft and silky finish, creating the perfect base for the rest of your makeup. For the eyes, I highly recommend Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Primer Potion - it's a great base that holds onto eyeshadows SO well AND - if you're feeling glitzy- its "Sin" shade (the primer comes in 4 different shades)has a gorgeous, shimmery champagne finish and works well as a base eyeshadow itself. Just add a darker shade to your crease and outer corners, blend, and you're done!


No Bond girl can take on the world without her secret weapons (you probably could anyways, but secret weapons do help). Keep these two trusty tools in your clutch for quick touch-ups throughout the night:

1. Lip balm and lipstick ~ Beat the chilly fall wind and keep your lips moisturized all night. Also, don't forget to bring your lipstick for that post-dinner touch-up.

2. Oil-absorbing sheets ~ Keep the shine away and stash some handy oil-absorbing sheets in your bag. Clean and Clear's are great to take on-the-go - they instantly remove any excess oil that could make your skin seem shiny while leaving your makeup smudge-free. Moreover, oil-absorbing sheets are much easier to carry around than a powder compact and essentially achieve the same purpose. 


As a sought-after Bond lady, you're sure to be chased - by the camera I mean. Be ready before they hit the flash:

1. Avoid overly glittery/shimmery makeup. Excessive glitter won't photograph well. I promise.

2. Opt for HD foundation. Actresses live for this stuff. High-definition foundations (Make Up For Ever HD Foundation is a good one) appear near invisible on your skin and leave the perfect, photo-ready finish. It's worth the investment if you're serious about that #flawless selfie.

*channels inner Beyonce again*
Last and definitely not least, don't forget to smile! This may not exactly be a makeup tip but it's definitely one of the most important. I know each and every one of you is going to look beautiful on Saturday night. Good luck, have fun, and show 'em what Bond girls are all about.

This message will self destruct in 3...2...1...

(P.S. For more makeup tips/a more thorough guide, check out Kai's Esperanza makeup post)


Becoming a Bond Girl: Esperanza Guide Pt. 3 (Ladies)

As a freshman, I don’t quite yet know what to expect from Esperanza, but I do know what the stereotypical spy-in-disguise uniform entails: something sexy, 

Bérénice Marlohe wearing a gorgeous red Donna Karan dress for 2012 “Skyfall” promo
Anne Hathaway looking glamourous in 2008’s Get Smart
yet classy
Another of Bérénice Marlohe in Skyfall (sorry, friends), in a dress that took six months to create and uses about 6,000 hand-applied crystals, according to Vogue.
And while that may not be everyone’s style, that’s definitely one costume theme I’d love dressing up for. Even if you don't typically see yourself in something as provocative as seen in spy films, Esperanza can definitely be your chance to try it out. Here are my top picks for Esperanza*:


For me, it’s all about the classics: a spy’s main goal, after all, is to go undetected. Blacks, reds, golds, whites--colors that draw the eye, but in the most subtle way possible. The dress below easily encapsulates all that is sleek and eye-catching about a modern day femme fatale without being too over-the-top. The deep v-cut is perfect for small-to-medium-sized busts, and the back (not shown) features a criss-cross strap design, which makes the dress a little more interesting.

Billie Crossover Bodycon Dress--Nasty Gal ($58)

If you’re for something a little more modest, but still sultry, this next dress features a long sleeve with a slightly higher neckline. The hem length is still fairly short, which allows for plenty freedom of movement on the dance floor. Take caution, though, in purchasing velvet garments--they get hot (and not the good kind)!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.24.38 AM.png
Kate Velvet Plunge Neck Bodycon Dress--Boohoo ($35)

Maybe you want something a little longer. The dress below appears to be more of a sunburnt orange than the red that the website describes it as, but no matter! The simplistic front of this knee-length, high-neck dress will show that you’re ready to get down to business, while the criss-cross straps and small slit in the back make it clear: the first item on the agenda--to party.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.40.42 AM.png
Rebel Yell Criss Cross Bodycon Dress--Nasty Gal ($58)

Of course, what’s the point of being a spy without all the glitz and glamour? And in terms of homecoming fashion, this equates roughly sequins. Lots of them. The simple cut of this dress--albeit the deep, rounded v-cut on the neckline--is more than made up for by the dazzling, Great Gatsby-esque sequin design. The gold sparkle will shine under flashing lights (and probably blind any enemies in the process).

Tiger Mist Disco Diva Sequin Dress--Nasty Gal ($118)

Finally, my favorite. The color is more subdued than the previous suggestions, making it perfect for multiple occasions. What pulled me in was the cut: the asymmetrical neckline is classy, yet intriguing, and it shows a bit of skin while still offering a decent amount of coverage in the chest area. This dress just screams of sophistication.

Nisha Mini Dress-Plum--Nasty Gal ($58) ~~~
So are you ready, Agent? You’re a spy. You’re utterly suave, on a mission, and can kick the ass of anybody who gets in your way. And even if none of the above is true, Esperanza is your night to pretend, so step out and be bold.

*The dresses I've chosen above are only available online; they are simply examples of the type of the style I would go for. Good physical locations to check out that feature similar pieces would be TopShop, H&M, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, BCBG, among others.

Licensed [Looks] to Kill: James Bond

Most guys are probably going to show up in a black suit of some kind, but it's time to re-imagine the word 'classy.' Half of the classy James Bond look is the aura he gives off: confident and daring. Y'all Rice men are already confident. Just take the daring and use it to style up some, yes?

Not that black suits are bad. They are the safe pick, and can be jazzed up very easily with the choice of bow tie or tie. Not gonna lie, I really wish more guys wore bow ties. Maybe this will be the year... ASOS has an awesome selection of bow ties and ties in general for very reasonable prices, while H&M is offering some "premium quality" silk bow ties that are a tad bit higher end.

looks from ASOS

First look from ASOS, last three from H&M 

If you're going with a lady, there are more ways to coordinate than just wearing the same color tie or bowtie. Use her dress to create an autumn, or just classic, color palette and choose a suit or dress shirt that fits in. (For example, if her dress is green, autumn colors to go along with it are khaki [suits] or brown [shirt/tie],if it's blue, then consider other shades of blue, etc.) This might be a confusing concept so if you have any questions, please feel free to hit us up! (@thu or 6100main literally anywhere)

If you're going with a gentleman, then as long as you don't visibly clash (i.e. a green and red suit, which says more Christmas elves than charismatic duo) just about anything is up for grabs.

*11/03/15: The ASOS site is currently down for some reason, but I will be back to update when it is live!

Makeup On Greek

Hello beauties (and soon-to-be nudies),

Time for a special post just in time for NoDoween. This year's theme is NoDs and NoDdesses: Mount My Olympus. 

If you saw the theme and thought, "how am I supposed to make a Grecian chifton sexy", I can't help you. What I can do, however, is provide you with some tips on what to do with your face.

For starters, I think gold eye make-up is a must in this situation. 

This liner look is easier than you'd think. Just take a gold liner (solid or liquid). Apply thickly along upper lash line. Closer to the lash line, apply a thin line of black liquid liner to clean up the look.

If you want a more dramatic gold eye look, I would recommend getting a gold eyeshadow that works while wet. My recommendation is for Urban Decay's 'Half Baked' but any baked eyeshadow will work. (Clarification: All of UD's eyeshadows work when wet. Half Baked is just the name for the brand's gold color but 'baked' eyeshadow is a type of eyeshadow sold by most makeup brands.) Here are some recommendations. And also this 
Wet a flat, dense eyeshadow brush, then pat the brush into the eyeshadow (a little will go a long way when dealing with wet shadows) and apply using a patting motion to the center of the eye into the small inner corner. Then, to add depth, apply a deeper, medium-dark color in the outer corner and blend into crease. You can add an even darker color on the lower lash line, as well.

On another note, women in ancient Greece would actually create unibrows by connecting their brows in the middle. It's true. Look it up. It was all the rage. 
While I applaud anyone who goes for this bold, yet authentic, choice, most of us are not as daring, so I would suggest some light filling in to make your eyebrows stand out.
For the few of you who compliment me on my eyebrows, this is exactly what I do. Because for whatever reason,..they just stopped filling in like they used to.:

That's all for me. Have a great Halloween, my pretties.


Esperanza Guide Pt. 1 - Face Time~

Here we go guys~! Its Esperanza time again and 6100 main has your back!
The first guide is all about makeup~!
Now at this point you may be asking "why is there a makeup post before anything clothing related?"
I'll quickly answer that it's because dressing for this Esperanza isn't going to be too hard. In fact you probably have something in your closet already! (If you don't, hang in there, there'll be posts coming right up for you!)  What can take you from your awesome self to a more "bond-y" version of yourself is makeup! See the following for looks and tips.

The guide will be organized by relative skill level. Within those levels, I'll try to organize the videos from dark skin to light so that it's easier to find someone close to your skin tone (although you can totally learn from someone who doesn't have the same skin tone~!). 

The looks:
Eye Colors: You really want to go dark and bold! Look for looks that incorporate 
Neutral, skin tone colors or deep blacks, blues and browns for the eye will help you channel that classy look~ You really want those eyes to pop!
Lip Color: Dark Dark Dark. It's Fall, so it's time to pull out the plums, deep reds, burgundys, and browns! If you don't go dark, try to keep the lip neutral and simple~ If you are not doing much with your eye look, I'd even recommend trying an ombre lip~! (See below in the tips section for a tutorial) 

Makeup Dupes/Alternate Choices/Other 
In these tutorials there probably are products you don't have or don't want to purchase. Please feel free to either comment below or ask on our FB page for alternatives!

(never touched makeup before or barely have in the past.)

I highly recommend going to our Esperanza office hours to talk with one of us about makeup~! 
I'd recommend looking at this post for a written guide first.

To prevent this post from too long click here for a Novice guide to wearing makeup, buying products, etc. 

(Worn Makeup a few times, know the basics)

Neutral Smokey Eye + Plum/Purple Lip

Gold Eye + Bold Lip

Winged Liner + Lashes + Bold Red Lip

Simple Brown Smokey Eye+ Lashes

(Wear makeup quite a bit, have done some eye looks before)

Chocolate Eyes + Lip

Smoked eye+ Lashes

Stacked and Bottom False Lashes

Purple + Gold Look


Purple smokey eye

Bronze Smokey Eye

Halo Eyes

Tips and Tricks
Foundation Application:

Applying False Lashes: here are a few different videos on applying false eyelashes~

Eye makeup tips for hooded eyes

Ombre Lips 


Makeup 102: A visual guide

This is a supplementary guide to makeup for novices and beginners. Please check out this page for Makeup 101, an excellent step by step guide that helps you piece together the tips in this guide.

First and foremost, you have to try~! The way you become better at makeup (really anything) is to go for it and try it! I will give you different techniques for different makeup product, and try to give you direction as to what *may* work best for you, but ultimately it will come down to you trying it out!
So let's start this journey~!

Tip #1: Know your skin type + primer

The biggest thing you want to have on lock is your skin type. There are five general categories: Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination, and Sensitive. However, you can be sensitive + any of the other categories, so do keep that in mind. There is a chance you already know this~! If you don't a general rule for each category is as follows:
After washing with a gentle cleanser, wait about an hour and then press a separate tissue on each part of your face. Compare your results below:

Normal: No oil, feels smooth
Combination: oil on some tissues, mostly on "T-zone" (forehead and nose)
Dry: No oil, flaky skin, skin feels tight
Oily- "oil" on tissue, skin has shine 

Here's a video about skin types, has a test, and tips for maintaining


Once you know your skin type, its good to think about primers. What is primer? Primers are generally silicone based creams or gels that you apply after moisturizing and before your makeup to accomplish different things. Just about all primers help to make your makeup last longer and create a barrier between your makeup and skin. Some primers help fill in large pores and smooth the skin, some help control oil, some hydrate, and others help to illuminate the skin and give you a slight glow! 

If you are oily/combination, I highly recommend going for a Shine-free/Oil control primer. My personal favorite is Rimmel London's Stay Matte Primer ($5~) its a good cheap primer (not many cheap primers out there~) and controls my oil fairly well. Other options are: No.7 Beautifully Matte ($9.79~), Neutrogena Shine Control ($11.99~)

To fill in pores and smooth skin, the elf Mineral Infused Primer ($6) is a good starting place with many people liking it. 
There are plenty more out there, so please feel free to explore!

Tip #2: The Wonderful World of Foundations

So you've figured out your skin type and whether you will use a primer or not. Now you're standing in the makeup aisle, overwhelmed at all of the different types of foundation. Which one do you get? Cream, Cream to powder, powder, liquid. mouse, etc.?  This amazing 2 1/2 minute video discusses the different types and how to choose what type of foundation!


Once you have decided on what type of formula, now you have to color match. 
Here's another quick video about color matching

Tip #3: Concealers + Color Correction
The first thing to note is that if you have any type of color that is different from your face tone, aka acne scars, redness, under eye circles, foundation alone will not cover it. 

Concealers are good for covering up mild discoloration. You want to follow the same process for finding your foundation color. 
Here's a great video on a basic way to use concealers

 If you have serious redness, or dark spots/under eye circles, you want to look for color correctors to use with concealers. 

Here's a video on picking color correctors

and here's one on applying them

With both Concealers and Correctors you really want to do your best to blend the product out into your skin

Tip #4: Powders
There are different types of powder out there that function differently. This article does a way better job of giving anyone a solid introduction into powders, if you need one, the differences, and how to apply..

Tip #5: Eye products- Eyeliner + Eye shadow+ Mascara 
From here on out choosing items is much easier and takes less thought~!

The biggest thing with eyeliner is that you have to keep trying and putting it on. While there are some types of eyeliner easier to start with than others, the first time you put it on will be a mess. I recommend taking some time like 5 or so minutes and just apply eyeliner a few times figuring out what works best for you!
When choosing an eyeliner, my recommendation for beginners is a felt tip liquid liner pen.
What a typical felt tip eyeliner looks like
 The felt tip allows you to get sharp lines, while the pen design makes it easy to control. Some good pens are: Jordana Fabuliner ($1.99~), Rimmel London Scandaleyes ($5.79~), Maybelline Master Precise ($9.79),NYC HD Eyeliner ($3.99~) 

Here's a video showing how to use the pen and create a wing~

Eye Shadow
For novices, I usually don't recommend getting into eye shadow just yet. There's a world of looks you can do with eye liner and different color lipsticks! If you really want, I suggest getting a single color that you can apply all over your lid for a cute look. These will typically be colors that don't stand out too much on your skin and more in the neutral/gold/silver range. Wet n' Wild/Black Radiance have cheap ($1-3~) small eye shadow compacts that have good pigmentation (meaning they will show up on your skin as they do in the packaging) 

Here comes the fun part (at least for me) I love Mascara, and finding a good one really can be life changing! When looking for one, you want to think about what you want the mascara to do: do you want longer lashes? or are you looking for more volume? maybe both? 
With this in mind, just go for it~ There a tons of reviews on mascaras online, so if you are in the store looking at the wall of mascara, don't be afraid to look it up! 
I will say, keep in mind that eye lashes are hair and function as such. This means that one person's favorite mascara may do absolutely nothing for you. 

If you get super overwhelmed, here are a few of my favorites:
Maybelline Mascaras are generally really good, my current favorite is the Rocket mascara (comes in a blue and pink tube) which is a lengthening mascara (meaning long lashes but not very full). 

L'Oreal mascaras are in my opinion the best drugstore mascaras, but they also are the most expensive ranging from $7-$9. My favorites from L'Oreal are the Voluminous Butterfly Midnight Black (volume and length), Miss Manga (great for length and volume), Telescopic Shocking Extensions (length, length, length), and the classic voluminous mascara in carbon black (volume and a bit of length).

Optional Tip #6: Lip color and Blushes
If you've reached this point, you should have just about everything you need to start wearing makeup! So feel free to stop reading here.
 Beyond this is really down to you exploring different colors, formulas and application styles to figure out what works for you! Below I listed a few cheap,but good quality brand to look at if you're interesting in exploring more color!

Lip Colors:
NYX- has cheap lip products in a wide range of formulations, colors, and finishes (glossy, matte, satin) easily my favorite brand for anything lip related
elf- Not as wide of a color selection but does have different formulation to try out and a low price point
Wet n' Wild/Black Radiance- two lines by the same company (same formulation, just different colors) that have great lip products. Black Radiance has a lot of $1.99 lipsticks that are absolutely amazing, and Wet n' Wild offers a line of matte lipsticks for only $2.99!

Now, for my darker people, you have to be a bit more carefully when picking a blush, because if they are not pigmented enough, it will show up grey/white-ish on your skin and that's just not cool. These brand generally are dark skin friendly~

elf- as generally rule of thumb, I would stick more with their blush compact that is just amazing and works for all skin types. They do have individual blushes, however, these range in pigmentation and some have large glitter pieces in them making you look more like Edward Cullen than anything else.

Black Radiance- their baked blushes are the absolute best. Super pigmented (so if you are light, be light-handed in your application or you'll be more clown like) and blend nicely

Wet'n Wild -  also has great blushes that are pretty pigmented. 


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