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Alternative Esperanza: Esperanza 2014 Guide Pt I

Here's a guide for Esperanza alternatives! There are different reasons to show up to Esperanza dressed differently, maybe you don't like dresses, aren't willing to spend money, or just feel funky fresh for the day. No matter your mood, 6100main has your back!
This guide will be divided into sections based on option.

Part one is all about dress alternatives! We'll cover low cost options in part two!
As always don't feel afraid to share your ideas or ask our staff your burning fashion questions! You can ask questions through our Facebook page or use the #wwrw (what would Rice wear) tag/mention +6100Main  on twitter!

Get ready because this is a pretty long post~!

Part 1: Dress Alternatives
Option 1: The Two Part "Dress"

This outfit is a skirt and top combo. 
What makes this look so great is its versatility, sizing options, and comfort!
Many people complain about not being able to find dresses that fit them perfectly. With a top/skirt combo you can ensure that b…

Chic Comfort by Mary Anderson

Running to class and still want to look chic? Try a jumper! Isabel Alison (Duncan College 2018) is wearing a sleek, black variation that you can either dress down with a short gladiator sandal for the day or pair with heels for fun evening in Rice Village. Isabel personalized her look with delicate layered gold necklaces that did not overpower her look.

While for the evening you can switch out the simple jewelry for one statement piece that will turn heads. Also a belt with a pop of color will liven up any outfit.

As the temperature drops, feel free to throw on a jacket or sweater. Jumpers combine the best of both worlds- comfort and style !