Alternative Esperanza: Esperanza 2014 Guide Pt I

Here's a guide for Esperanza alternatives! There are different reasons to show up to Esperanza dressed differently, maybe you don't like dresses, aren't willing to spend money, or just feel funky fresh for the day. No matter your mood, 6100main has your back!

This guide will be divided into sections based on option.

Part one is all about dress alternatives! We'll cover low cost options in part two!
As always don't feel afraid to share your ideas or ask our staff your burning fashion questions! You can ask questions through our Facebook page or use the #wwrw (what would Rice wear) tag/mention +6100Main  on twitter!

Get ready because this is a pretty long post~!

Part 1: Dress Alternatives

Option 1: The Two Part "Dress"

This outfit is a skirt and top combo. 
What makes this look so great is its versatility, sizing options, and comfort!
Many people complain about not being able to find dresses that fit them perfectly. With a top/skirt combo you can ensure that both parts fit you perfectly! Even better, you'll be able to use the top and skirt after Esperanza with other pieces you already own!

What to look for:
Tops: You want to try and go for either flowy blouses, tops with a strong shape, or bustier-types of tops. Peplums are an option as well. Try to stay away from cotton shirts that look like cotton, meaning the more it looks/feels like a top you want to sleep in, the harder it will be to make it look more formal

Skirts: You are pretty much free when it comes to skirts but I do recommend skipping the cheap short bodycon skirts found in most stores (You might be able to get away with a midi length skirt but I'd just skip it if your not confident in your styling skills). They usually are made from jersey cotton and that fabric is not easy to make it look formal

Here are a few examples of different combinations
(Some blogger's names unknown, All pictures are property of the original owner)

If you are especially brave or just don't like the formal look, pair a simple graphic tee with an elegant skirt for a fun look~!

Accessories are what can really elevate your style~! They can make a cute, but casual outfit into an elegant outfit fit for a dance. Forever 21, Target, Wet Seal, and Agaci are your go-to places to find cheap jewelry that look outstanding. Gold and Silver accents are always a good choice for elegant nights as are jewels~!

If you are wearing a solid top or an outfit without a lot of color, statement necklaces and broaches are your best friends.

Have a lot of patterns going on in your outfit? Try pinning your hair up and going for bold earrings or even jeweled ear cuffs

Option 2: Pantsuit 

Now don't freak out just yet. These aren't the pantsuits Hilary Clinton made famous, these are ultra comfy stylish two piece outfits that give you more options and more room to bust out your dance moves on the floor.
What you want to look for is coordinating jacket and pant combos with a cute button up top for the inside (or bare that chest! Its up to you). You have the option to wear pants or shorts for your bottom, whatever makes you comfortable.

What to look for:
Before moving on, you should decide how you want to wear your pantsuit.
Do you want to have a matching set? Do you want to go for solid colors or a bold pattern?

Jackets: First of all you should be aware of how you plan to wear your jacket. Do you want it to be fitted, loose, or do you plan to wear it as a cape? When jacket shopping this is something you want to keep in mind. Secondly you also want to decide if you are planning on mixing-and-matching or not. More concisely, will your jacket be solid or patterned?

Pants/Shorts: Similar to jacket shopping, you want to decide your fit. Do you want to have a fitted pant or a loose, flowing pant? Also will your bottoms be patterned or solid?

Tops: The biggest thing with tops is to look out for fit and material.
 Since you are going to be layering your jacket and top think about the following: if your jacket is fitted, go for a fitted top, if your jacket is not anything pretty much goes~! Its going to get hot and so you want a shirt that won't suffocate you.

Here are a few example outfits

Not quite a pantsuit but close enough! You could always add a blazer or sports-coat to make it more formal or wear as such and go for an androgynous look~! 

Also not quite a pantsuit but a romper a good alternative to a top/bottom combo

Honestly, go wild with the accessories, but keep in mind a few things:
1) If you have a fully patterned suit, bold accessories may be too much but are still totally acceptable
2) The opposite is true for a solid suit, go all out with accessories~!

That's all for this post. Hopefully we were able to spark your imagination to create a rockin Esperanza outfit!
Like the options covered in this post but don't have a large budget? Look our for Part 2 which covers low cost options for dresses and the options we presented here in this guide!

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