Bela Berdaska


Name: Bella Berdaska 
College: Wiess ('14, Exchange Student from SciencePo Paris)
Major: Political Sciences

How would you say your background has influenced your sense of style? I come from a very diverse background. I was born in Bulgaria, raised in Brussels, studied in Paris. So its a combination of refined and casual. Its not a single style, but a mixture of styles.

How has your style changed since you arrived here on campus? Back at home I would dress up mainly for Galas and Balls, I would keep each of my dresses as a form of souvenir from each of the events I have been to. Life at home called for a wardrobe very different than life here on campus.

Also, the weather in Europe can get really cold. It doesn't really compare to weather here in Texas, where I’ve been wearing shorts for the past month and a half. I feel I can’t quite express my style here, yet. Here, it is always shorts or dresses.

What have been your favorite items or pieces of clothing? I have a few jackets that I found at thrift shops in Brussels. I have this leather jacket with metal pieces on it and it is my favorite, as well at a denim jacket; and I like to borrow - not steal, borrow for a
long time - my mother’s navy cashmere coat.

How do you prioritize a piece's comfort against its style? Comfort comes first. Although I’ve worn dresses that were NOT comfortable. Corset and all.

What do you think is different or peculiar about shopping in the States? American sizes. Oh, and Victoria’s Secret.

Photographed by Noah Alden Hardaway

Interviewed by Kunal Shah


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