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Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014) by Mary A. 
        Rising through the competitive fashion ranks, Oscar de la Renta’s story is truly noteworthy. From dressing First Ladies' Michelle and Jackie O to making the everyday girl look regal, de la Renta has done it all !

                Born in the Dominican Republic in an elite family, he focused on painting at Madrid’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts.His full skirts are evidence of his time at Balenciaga (an iconic and formerly haute couture brand) while his focus on femininity and strength of the woman is shown through his time being an assistant at Lanvin and also working at Elizabeth Arden. A Life Magazine cover kick started his career, making him a household name in the late 60’s.

He broke racial barriers by designing for Balmain’s haute couture collections in the early 90’s. De la Renta has also been President twice (twice !) for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (basically Olympic gold for fashion designers) amongst oth…

Cleopatra, Butterflies and Easter Eggs: Esperanza 2014 Guide Part III

So traditionally (can I say traditionally if it's only been done once?), our guides go along with the Esperanza theme... But is the "Night at the Museum" really just one theme?

Our answer to that is... nope! It's many themes, and in this guide, we'll be styling to the Hall of Ancient Egypt, Butterfly, and Faberge exhibits.

The Cleopatra look is one of the most classic styles that iconic women through time have recreated for their own tastes. This gives us a wide range of looks to work with, but it all narrows down to three aspects: the eyeliner, the jewelry, and the tunic dress (or similar.) The Butterfly and Faberge exhibits kind of lend themselves to their own themes: flowery and bejeweled. Dresses for those two fall under many categories, so you can coordinate your makeup and accessories accordingly once you pick your dress.

The theme colors for Esperanza this year are black and gold, but this season's runway palette has consisted of all pastels colors, black…

Esperanza on a Dime: Esperanza 2014 Guide Pt II

Welcome to our low-cost Esperanza guide! 
Whether you refuse to spend a lot of money on Esperanza
or you don't have a large budget
whatever your reason to be reading this post, 6100main will give you tips and ideas to maximize your dollar and resources to feel like this:

or like this:

Grab a paper and pen and get ready to take some notes!
Option 1: Closet Raiding Friends: Sometimes raiding a friend's closet is a great way to mix up your outfits. Maybe your friend shares your shoe size and has the perfect heel to match your dress. Maybe they aren't going to Esperanza (and aren't bitter about not going) and have a dress you can borrow. Talk to your friends about something they have. You can make it a trade and promise to let them borrow something of your's! College: Maybe you're feeling bold and you can suggest a college swap where people bring down their unwanted Esperanza ready items (jewelry, shoes, dresses, dress alternatives) and trade items!
Option 2: Thrifting

Alternative Esperanza: Esperanza 2014 Guide Pt I

Here's a guide for Esperanza alternatives! There are different reasons to show up to Esperanza dressed differently, maybe you don't like dresses, aren't willing to spend money, or just feel funky fresh for the day. No matter your mood, 6100main has your back!
This guide will be divided into sections based on option.

Part one is all about dress alternatives! We'll cover low cost options in part two!
As always don't feel afraid to share your ideas or ask our staff your burning fashion questions! You can ask questions through our Facebook page or use the #wwrw (what would Rice wear) tag/mention +6100Main  on twitter!

Get ready because this is a pretty long post~!

Part 1: Dress Alternatives
Option 1: The Two Part "Dress"

This outfit is a skirt and top combo. 
What makes this look so great is its versatility, sizing options, and comfort!
Many people complain about not being able to find dresses that fit them perfectly. With a top/skirt combo you can ensure that b…

Chic Comfort by Mary Anderson

Running to class and still want to look chic? Try a jumper! Isabel Alison (Duncan College 2018) is wearing a sleek, black variation that you can either dress down with a short gladiator sandal for the day or pair with heels for fun evening in Rice Village. Isabel personalized her look with delicate layered gold necklaces that did not overpower her look.

While for the evening you can switch out the simple jewelry for one statement piece that will turn heads. Also a belt with a pop of color will liven up any outfit.

As the temperature drops, feel free to throw on a jacket or sweater. Jumpers combine the best of both worlds- comfort and style ! 

Getting Red-dy for NoD

Hello my beauties, 

I'm here today to speak to you about an issue near to my heart: red lipstick. No other look can compare to the longevity and universally flattering style (when executed correctly) of the red lip. While I prefer dramatic eyes with a more subtle lip, even I have to give it up for this classic. 
When I heard NoD was Alice in Wonderland-themed (allegedly, because I have yet to see the official Facebook event and I think I'd be invited by now because I'm very popular), I immediately thought of all the crazy makeup in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. They won so many awards for makeup and costume (and rightfully so), it was unbelieveable.

Anyways, the Queen of Hearts lips are the inspiration for this post so whether you want to mimic the look or just find the best red lip for you here are my product suggestions:

P.S. I'm really bad at using GIMP and I don't have a great camera so I apologize in advance for the original photos. If someone wants to…