Makeup Application 101: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hi everyone! My name’s Alessandra - but you can call me Ali - and I am very excited for my first post. As part of the 6100 Main team, I look forward to reviewing products, answering questions, creating tutorials and guides, and sharing new looks and trends.

So, I know what you're thinking: "6100 Main is a fashion blog. Why are you telling me how to put on makeup?"  Well, just like there are new clothing trends, there are always new products and looks going in and out of style. Long before we all started following fashion, however, we had to learn how to put on clothes in the first place. It sounds silly, but makeup works the same way. You have to know what you're doing before you can really start getting creative.
This is how I picture everyone would dress
if we didn't understand how the dressing process worked.
Many students say they would wear makeup, but they don’t know where to start.  I figured sharing the order of application of makeup would be a good starting point, or foundation for us (ha, get it? Like FOUNDATION. No? It’s alright, we’ll get there).

I almost always start with face and then move to eyes. Some people like to do eyes first then go to face. It’s personal preference. Lips usually come last though.

Stay tuned for my recommended products and brushes!

Step 0:
Your skin will thank you. 


Step 1: Primer – the underwear of cosmetics. It smooths out your skin, minimizes pores, reduces shine, and makes your makeup look more natural and stay on longer.

Step 2: Concealer - comes in solid and liquid forms, great for red spots, dark under eye circles, or scars.

Step 3: Liquid Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer/BB Cream/Optional

Step 4: Contours – highlights and shadows. If you’re brand new to make up, you should skip this step. Contouring is not for the faint of heart.
Say what you will about Kim, but the girl (or, more likely, her makeup artist) knows how to contour. 

Step 5: Blush - Normally, I tend to put a fairly generous amount of blush on and then tone it down and blend it with the powder foundation (Step 6). Another option is to skip ahead to the powder and then brush a lighter amount of blush on to the apples of your cheeks.

Step 6: Powder foundation - If you want the dewy look, you can just go straight to finishing powder (step 7) or no powder at all. You can also go with just a powder foundation and skip the liquids.

Step 7: Finishing powder – makes everything stay put and last longer. Can also be used after eye shadow application to sweep up fallout.


Step 1: Eyelid Primer - stops shadow from creasing or fading

Step 2: Eye Shadow - Normally, lighter colors usually go in the inner part of your eyelid and right below your brow. Medium shades are used for the crease and middle of eyelid. Your darkest shadows go on the outside. These are guidelines and suggestions, not commandments - have fun with it. I could go on for hours, but instead, I'll leave these diagrams here.

Step 3: Liner
Apply along the lash line

Step 4: Mascara

Step 5: Fill in Eyebrows if necessary


Step 1: Exfoliate with lip scrub

Step 2: Lip primer

Step 3: Lip Liner

Step 4: Color application

This was going to be a much more extensive post with suggestions and tips, but it was becoming a 26 page manifesto and it would be a lot for you make up n00bz out there.

Like I said, stay tuned for more of my future posts and if you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at

Stay gorgeous xoxo,


Summer Favorites and Procrastination [Welcome Back to School!]

First off, I would like to thank all of our followers and readers, as well as the people who have let me take a picture of them for #riceootd! 

While we're experiencing a 'cold front,' let's be honest. It's still going to be summer for at least a few more weeks, so here are a few of our summertime favorites! 

Kai Holnes, one of our bloggers and editors, is rocking the mixed leather look in her favorite summer #ootd shown below. She says sunglasses are the item for this summer because "they're an item you really don't get to use during the rest of the year as much as you use them during the summer. With Amazon and Forever 21 carrying cheap and awesome sunnies in all styles and colors they can add so much to your outfit!" Houston is a pretty sunny city year round, so sunglasses are a good staple to keep in your purse or backpack!

Meanwhile, our other blogger and resident make up guru, Ali Pineiro, "love[s] a good maxi dress. They're comfortable and effortless, but still fashionable. Maxi's are also great because of their versatility. I pair mine with wedges for going out to dinner or for a nicer occasion, but you can still dress it down with some open flat sandals." Taking a tip from Jenn Im from her latest back to school look book, you can also pair a maxi dress with a crop top/cropped sweater to make it look like you're wearing a maxi skirt. Perfect for transitioning into the fall and still look dressy casual (or just dressy! or just casual? the key lies in the shoes....)

Lastly, there is me... This was also supposed to be my introduction of sorts, being the first time I post as the new head editor of 6100 Main and this being the first official blog post of this school year! I'm Thu Nguyen, and over the summer I developed a fondness for oversized t-shirts. I love tucking them in halfway for a relaxed look, and I can shop in both the men's and women's sections! Honestly, guys have cooler shirts than girls sometimes. Dress it up with the jewelry and skinny jeans, or dress it down with cut off shorts and a snapback. Or you can go for the "rebellious trust fund baby"* look  and mix it up... 

yes this was ripped straight off instagram.... #noshame #idontusuallytakethesekindsofpictures

In terms of avoiding those amino acids, I think this post was a good use of my time. Thank you for joining me in procrastinating by reading this post! We have a LOT in store for the future (vlogs! more Instagram/Facebook features, student profiles, makeovers??!!) so stay tuned and get excited! 

ALSO! Do you want to join the team? Be a blogger, make people Facebook famous, and have an excuse to dress up almost every day because, duh, you're a fashion blogger... Stay tuned for an application that will be posted here and on our Facebook page sometime this Thursday, September 18th! 

*the "rebellious trust fund baby" line was coined by Varshini Satish, dear friend and queen of the hipsters on the West Coast tbh


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