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Get Organized!

Helloooo everyone!  So as the new semester approaches us in the not-so-far future, you may have one question:
How do you turn this:
 Into this? (Or the concept of it :3)
Whether you're asking this question as a returning student or wonderful freshie (or even not asking the question at all-even though you should*coughcough*) I'm here to give you some tips on what you can do to either maximize your space, fit all of your fashion items in a dorm room, or get some organization all up in your system (the whole turn over a new leaf thing you know?)
Your own style is much easier to craft with some type of organization system that works for you! Summer is a great time to start thinking about these things. Maybe even donate those pair of shoes you've had forever?
Alright alright, enough of me sounding like your mom! Let's go~!
Tip 1: Maximize Your Closet Space The closet is one of the handiest parts of your room! It's a great way to give you more floor spa…