Name: Thu Nguyen | Chief Editor 
College: Wiess '17
Major: Chemistry
Fashion inspiration: Combine men and women's fashion, a bit of street style spotted on models/students/strangers, a pinch of grunge, a dash of kpop, and a whole lot of Vogue magazines. 
Personal Website: http://thudawin.com
Memberships: Houston Fashion Bloggers 

Name: Kai | Editor | Blogger | Stylist 
College: McMurtry '17
Major: Computer Science
Fashion Inspiration: Fashion has meant several things to me throughout my life, from a way to get attention from my peers to a way to make a statement. Now my fashion is me. It's a character that I create based on a creative cocktail of my personality, dreams and beliefs. 
I get inspired by emotions. I craft an outfit based on what set of emotions I want to invoke in myself the moment I step out of the door. 
Personal Website: http://classfashion22.blogspot.com 

Name: Alessandra (Ali) Pineiro | Blogger | Stylist | Makeup Guru 
College: Duncan College '17
Major: Sport Management & Hispanic Studies major with Business minor
Fashion Inspiration:'Yonce, Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, Lily Collins, & Victoria Beckham

Name: Kunal Shah
College: Wiess College '18
Fashion Inspiration: 

Name: Julia Ng
College: Sid Richardson '18
Major: Cognitive Sciences
Fashion Inspiration:

Name: Joanne Shin
College: Wiess College '18
Major: Biochemistry, Spanish

Your Style: all inclusive? ... feminine, boyish, southern, new yorker, lazy, overdressed, basic, not-so-basic, all-black, prints on prints, business in the front, party in the back
Style Influences: anything and everything
Name: Jessie Chan
College: Sid Richardson '19
Major: Mathematical Economic Analysis 
Your Style: A medley of grunge, edge, and class. A dash of simplistic gold and silver accents, a staple nude lip, and the signature wing bring the look together to produce an aura of composition, modern elegance and youthful vibrancy that needs no colors. 
Style Influences: "Kylie Jenner minus the Kardashian clan with her shit together" (direct quote courtesy of Laura Quinn '19)

Name: Danielle Manahan
College: Brown College '19
Major: Philosophy & Psychology
Your Style: It depends on the day, but usually Classy Boho
Style Influences: Emma Watson, Zendaya, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens
Fun fact: I'm known as a serial overdresser, as well as one who does not dress appropriately for the weather.


Name: Alex Espana
College: Martel
Major: Visual Arts (also BIOC minor)
Fashion inspiration: My perspective on fashion deals entirely with style. Trends come and go, but style is forever. I have lived by that motto every morning when getting dressed. For me at least, fashion is a primary form of creativity and personal expression. With my bright red sneakers and bold white hair, I can in one glance hint a part of my story, however, brief it may seem. My best example for this kind of inspiration is actually children. When we're young and handed clothing to wear, we do not dress according to any norm, but rather we don the silliest and most creative thing our imaginations can compose. I believe that as adults that freedom and whimsy should never be lost. As a result, I am inspired by those people who maintain their identities in their clothing but yet exude that refined, other-worldly feeling about themselves. 

Name: Elle Eccles
College: Martel
Major: Psychology, English
Fashion inspiration: To me fashion is a creative outlet, which never needs a paintbrush or a perfect frame, just a good eye. I am inspired to dress well by the confidence it gives me and the comfort of feeling beautiful in my own skin.   
Personal Website: My brand new photo blog: muchlikefalling.tumblr.com\


Name: Susan Xie
College: Wiess '13
Major: Psychology, Biochemistry & Cell Biology (minor)
Inspiration: Traveling, 35mm film, when people are in their element (in their personal style or interests)
Personal Portfolio/Websitehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/vignettefade/

Name: Linda Cheng
College: Hanszen '14
Major: Math-Economics, Business Minor
Fashion Inspiration: I wouldn't describe my style as very innovative, edgy or bizarre. - I'm attracted to pretty and cute things that look good on me. There are infinite possibilities with fashion and I love seeing what people can do with the available resources they're given - that's why I love going thrifting where you can either walk out of the store with nothing, or a treasure trove of pieces that mesh with your current wardrobe.
Personal Portfolio/Websitehttp://boxrabbit.blogspot.com/

Name:  Brittney
College: Jones '14
Major: English/Economics
Fashion inspiration: Personal style is an art form. Just as I paint with watercolors, compose songs with melodies, and write based on a theme, I dress to express what I feel, to reflect the world around me, to make a political statement, and to shock others. I love being "wowed" by other people's style choices and inspired by their creativity when they are true to themselves.
Personal Portfolio/ Website: Check out my personal style blog, Another Beautiful Thing, where I take selfies, post my drawings, and complain about snobby fashion bloggers.

Name: Tori Laxalt
College: Baker '14
Major: VADA (Photo Concentration) & Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Fashion Inspiration: I am most inspired by culture and personal style - the ways that people consciously or subconsciously express themselves utilizing all aspects of culture, whether their own or an admired culture. I also love the magic moment when subject, context, composition, and aesthetic combine to create an iconic image - that's why I love the particular intersection of fashion and photography so much. 
Website: Just a crappy, nerdy tumblr! ohh-heyy.tumblr.com

Name: Tanvi Nagpal
College: Hanszen
Major: Architecture 
Fashion Inspiration// (What does fashion/photography mean to you? What inspires you?): I don't have a particular style, my clothes express what I'm feeling on that particular day. 

Name: Janet Ni
College: Duncan '17
Major: Architecture
Fashion Inspiration// (What does fashion/photography mean to you? What inspires you?): My mood. I wear a little bit of everything, so how I'm feeling in the morning usually dictates what I throw on.

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