Licensed [Looks] to Kill: James Bond

Most guys are probably going to show up in a black suit of some kind, but it's time to re-imagine the word 'classy.' Half of the classy James Bond look is the aura he gives off: confident and daring. Y'all Rice men are already confident. Just take the daring and use it to style up some, yes?

Not that black suits are bad. They are the safe pick, and can be jazzed up very easily with the choice of bow tie or tie. Not gonna lie, I really wish more guys wore bow ties. Maybe this will be the year... ASOS has an awesome selection of bow ties and ties in general for very reasonable prices, while H&M is offering some "premium quality" silk bow ties that are a tad bit higher end.

looks from ASOS

First look from ASOS, last three from H&M 

If you're going with a lady, there are more ways to coordinate than just wearing the same color tie or bowtie. Use her dress to create an autumn, or just classic, color palette and choose a suit or dress shirt that fits in. (For example, if her dress is green, autumn colors to go along with it are khaki [suits] or brown [shirt/tie],if it's blue, then consider other shades of blue, etc.) This might be a confusing concept so if you have any questions, please feel free to hit us up! (@thu or 6100main literally anywhere)

If you're going with a gentleman, then as long as you don't visibly clash (i.e. a green and red suit, which says more Christmas elves than charismatic duo) just about anything is up for grabs.

*11/03/15: The ASOS site is currently down for some reason, but I will be back to update when it is live!

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