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Hello beauties (and soon-to-be nudies),

Time for a special post just in time for NoDoween. This year's theme is NoDs and NoDdesses: Mount My Olympus. 

If you saw the theme and thought, "how am I supposed to make a Grecian chifton sexy", I can't help you. What I can do, however, is provide you with some tips on what to do with your face.

For starters, I think gold eye make-up is a must in this situation. 

This liner look is easier than you'd think. Just take a gold liner (solid or liquid). Apply thickly along upper lash line. Closer to the lash line, apply a thin line of black liquid liner to clean up the look.

If you want a more dramatic gold eye look, I would recommend getting a gold eyeshadow that works while wet. My recommendation is for Urban Decay's 'Half Baked' but any baked eyeshadow will work. (Clarification: All of UD's eyeshadows work when wet. Half Baked is just the name for the brand's gold color but 'baked' eyeshadow is a type of eyeshadow sold by most makeup brands.) Here are some recommendations. And also this 
Wet a flat, dense eyeshadow brush, then pat the brush into the eyeshadow (a little will go a long way when dealing with wet shadows) and apply using a patting motion to the center of the eye into the small inner corner. Then, to add depth, apply a deeper, medium-dark color in the outer corner and blend into crease. You can add an even darker color on the lower lash line, as well.

On another note, women in ancient Greece would actually create unibrows by connecting their brows in the middle. It's true. Look it up. It was all the rage. 
While I applaud anyone who goes for this bold, yet authentic, choice, most of us are not as daring, so I would suggest some light filling in to make your eyebrows stand out.
For the few of you who compliment me on my eyebrows, this is exactly what I do. Because for whatever reason,..they just stopped filling in like they used to.:

That's all for me. Have a great Halloween, my pretties.


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