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Elaine Shen [6100 Main x APASA]

If you don't know Elaine already, here is your chance. She's hilarious and super fun. She's also passionate about the environment (yes, she's an EEB), style, and Asian-American issues, and if you keep reading, you'll see how she pieces them all together.

You may know Elaine as that girl from McMurtry, Class of 2018, who was part of the Mitsi Dance School and appeared on America's Got Talent. She started dance when she was four years old, and practically grew up with the dance crew, made of other girls her age. Her dance company was an amateur one, so the girls she danced with were diverse in terms of body shapes and sizes. (Because we all know if it was a professional company, all the girls would look exactly the same: long, lean and generally stick thin.) Over the years, Elaine was constantly going back and forth between two mindsets. On one hand, she would stress over properly executing dance moves, instead of fretting over baby fat. On the other hand, every …