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6100 Main x APASA: Asian-American Body Image

I wrote a script for this informational vlog, then couldn't follow it because I got too nervous and distracted. Here it is in polished form, and the vlog below it if you want a good laugh at me LOL.

Hi everyone! My name is Thu Nguyen, and I'm the editor of 6100 Main, the fashion blog of Rice. First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of our blog's readers, yall, for all of the support and love yall give us! And a personal thank you to the blogging team for supporting me and one another as well. Yall are amazing.
So, I usually don't make vlogs, but I'm doing a special edition blog post series and felt like it needed a more in depth, personalized introduction and explanation. This series will be in collaboration with APASA, which is the Asian Pacific American Student Alliance on campus. For those of you who don't know, APASA is a club that provides a safe and thought provoking space to discuss and learn about Asian-American issues. 
Like the title of …