Beating the Summer Heat

This post is part of a Blogger Link-Up series hosted by Beauty And The Pitch (BATP), through the Houston Fashion Bloggers group.

It's been about a month since the official start of summer, and I'm sure everyone has been struggling to find ways to beat the heat. BATP wanted us to share our secrets to a bearable if not fun summer, so here are five of my current summertime must-haves.

1. A solid playlist
I usually have two or three summertime playlists, one for driving or walking around Montrose, one for working out, and one for chilling with a book in one hand and an iced coffee in the other. My music taste ranges from indie to hip hop, r&b to edm... in English, Korean and Vietnamese... Here's a sample of some of my favorites!

2. Cold drinks: Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) 
Ice cold water is the best way to beat the heat but sometimes you just need a boost of caffeine or crave a sugary drink that's not dehydrating like soda. If you haven't heard of cafe sua da, then you have honestly been living under a rock, probably. This Vietnamese-French concoction has been hitting the menus at almost every coffee shop, and also the shelves of Central Market all over Texas in a bottled form labeled Caphin. Brewed properly, cafe sua da is sweet, strong and smooth, all at once. My drink of choice to wake myself up on a hot day.

3. Floppy hat
SPF lotion of some sort should already be on your summer must-have list, but floppy hats are a great way to take facial protection the extra mile. They keep your head cool but also allow some breeze because they're not knit, and the extra wide brims provide the most coverage for your face.
Brittney Xu (former 6100 Main blogger!) modeling her Marleylilly hat

4. The FaceShop Tea Tree Acne Cleanser, Toner and Spot Corrector
My skin is very oily and also much more prone to breaking out in the summer if I'm not careful about cleansing my face. This cleanser and toner smell great and are pretty hydrating. While the cleanser doesn't seem to exfoliate much, it does clear off any makeup I missed and paired with the toner, keeps my pores tightened and the acne away. The spot corrector does exactly as it is named: corrects the one or two spots (minor breakouts) within one or two nights. I always make sure I have at least two of these in my cabinet in case I run out of one.
My set, which I've only replaced once in the past year. 

5. Slides 
Slide on sandals are the trend of the season, whether it be some type of Birkenstock, criss-cross Madewell slides, or any other brand of sandal of similar design. I got a pair of slides from J.Crew because they were holographic silver (easiest way to make an outfit more fun) and fifty percent off. How could I not get them? They're not as comfortable as Birkenstocks but they're cute and I don't slip, so they're perfect for carelessly kicking around on the beach or walking around the Village. You've seen them in almost all of my ootd's since I got them, and will probably continue seeing them until the ground here freezes over.
Birkenstock flats sandals/Breckelle's breckelles sandals/Forever 21 vegan footwear/J Crew slip on flat

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