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Makeup On Greek

Hello beauties (and soon-to-be nudies),

Time for a special post just in time for NoDoween. This year's theme is NoDs and NoDdesses: Mount My Olympus. 
If you saw the theme and thought, "how am I supposed to make a Grecian chifton sexy", I can't help you. What I can do, however, is provide you with some tips on what to do with your face.
For starters, I think gold eye make-up is a must in this situation. 
This liner look is easier than you'd think. Just take a gold liner (solid or liquid). Apply thickly along upper lash line. Closer to the lash line, apply a thin line of black liquid liner to clean up the look.

If you want a more dramatic gold eye look, I would recommend getting a gold eyeshadow that works while wet. My recommendation is for Urban Decay's 'Half Baked' but any baked eyeshadow will work. (Clarification: All of UD's eyeshadows work when wet. Half Baked is just the name for the brand's gold color but 'baked' eyeshadow is a …

Esperanza Guide Pt. 1 - Face Time~

Here we go guys~! Its Esperanza time again and 6100 main has your back! The first guide is all about makeup~! Now at this point you may be asking "why is there a makeup post before anything clothing related?" I'll quickly answer that it's because dressing for this Esperanza isn't going to be too hard. In fact you probably have something in your closet already! (If you don't, hang in there, there'll be posts coming right up for you!)  What can take you from your awesome self to a more "bond-y" version of yourself is makeup! See the following for looks and tips.
**** Organization: **** The guide will be organized by relative skill level. Within those levels, I'll try to organize the videos from dark skin to light so that it's easier to find someone close to your skin tone (although you can totally learn from someone who doesn't have the same skin tone~!). 
**** The looks: **** Eye Colors: You really want to go dark and bold! Look for lo…

Makeup 102: A visual guide

This is a supplementary guide to makeup for novices and beginners. Please check out this page for Makeup 101, an excellent step by step guide that helps you piece together the tips in this guide.
First and foremost, you have to try~! The way you become better at makeup (really anything) is to go for it and try it! I will give you different techniques for different makeup product, and try to give you direction as to what *may* work best for you, but ultimately it will come down to you trying it out! So let's start this journey~!

*** Tip #1: Know your skin type + primer ***
The biggest thing you want to have on lock is your skin type. There are five general categories: Dry, Oily, Normal, Combination, and Sensitive. However, you can be sensitive + any of the other categories, so do keep that in mind. There is a chance you already know this~! If you don't a general rule for each category is as follows: After washing with a gentle cleanser, wait about an hour and then press a separa…

Elaine Shen [6100 Main x APASA]

If you don't know Elaine already, here is your chance. She's hilarious and super fun. She's also passionate about the environment (yes, she's an EEB), style, and Asian-American issues, and if you keep reading, you'll see how she pieces them all together.

You may know Elaine as that girl from McMurtry, Class of 2018, who was part of the Mitsi Dance School and appeared on America's Got Talent. She started dance when she was four years old, and practically grew up with the dance crew, made of other girls her age. Her dance company was an amateur one, so the girls she danced with were diverse in terms of body shapes and sizes. (Because we all know if it was a professional company, all the girls would look exactly the same: long, lean and generally stick thin.) Over the years, Elaine was constantly going back and forth between two mindsets. On one hand, she would stress over properly executing dance moves, instead of fretting over baby fat. On the other hand, every …

6100 Main x APASA: Asian-American Body Image

I wrote a script for this informational vlog, then couldn't follow it because I got too nervous and distracted. Here it is in polished form, and the vlog below it if you want a good laugh at me LOL.

Hi everyone! My name is Thu Nguyen, and I'm the editor of 6100 Main, the fashion blog of Rice. First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of our blog's readers, yall, for all of the support and love yall give us! And a personal thank you to the blogging team for supporting me and one another as well. Yall are amazing.
So, I usually don't make vlogs, but I'm doing a special edition blog post series and felt like it needed a more in depth, personalized introduction and explanation. This series will be in collaboration with APASA, which is the Asian Pacific American Student Alliance on campus. For those of you who don't know, APASA is a club that provides a safe and thought provoking space to discuss and learn about Asian-American issues. 
Like the title of …