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Louis Vuitton Logos Are Obnoxious But So Are Their Haters

My first op-ed here was about luxury brands and fast fashion. I didn't know it at the time, but the term I needed, and what I was really advocating for, was slow fashion - good, conscientious fashion, which also happens to be generally pricer. 

One of my best friends, Linh, sent me a Washington Post article about Louis Vuitton and Gucci falling behind in sales, sinking into trouble because their extremely well known logos are stamped everywhere for everyone to see. Literally, the LV and GG are made to be the equivalent of a neon sign hanging over the bearer's head screaming "I spent $600 on this thin, silk, scarf!!" (that is about to get caught in a bush!!! or drooled on by a baby!!) But there are two sides to the story, and I would like to share my empathy for Louis Vuitton (and Gucci, and Prada - yes, the great, blessed, Prada is also facing this trouble) but also point out how this new "no logo" trend fits in nicely with slow fashion and could also do our…