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Beating the Summer Heat

This post is part of a Blogger Link-Up series hosted by Beauty And The Pitch (BATP), through the Houston Fashion Bloggers group.

It's been about a month since the official start of summer, and I'm sure everyone has been struggling to find ways to beat the heat. BATP wanted us to share our secrets to a bearable if not fun summer, so here are five of my current summertime must-haves.

1. A solid playlist
I usually have two or three summertime playlists, one for driving or walking around Montrose, one for working out, and one for chilling with a book in one hand and an iced coffee in the other. My music taste ranges from indie to hip hop, r&b to edm... in English, Korean and Vietnamese... Here's a sample of some of my favorites!

2. Cold drinks: Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) 
Ice cold water is the best way to beat the heat but sometimes you just need a boost of caffeine or crave a sugary drink that's not dehydrating like soda. If you haven't heard of cafe sua da…