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Blogger's Picks: Minimal Gold Jewelry

The statement necklace trend has been going strong for a while now, but as I transition to a more neutral style, I've passed down all of my statement pieces and moved on to the next big trend: minimal gold jewelry. (Sorry friends, my little sister gets first dibs and she's taken everything...)

What exactly do I consider "minimal gold jewelry"? Besides being, well, gold, the piece is tastefully structured in such a way that doesn't distract from the entire outfit, but rather enhances it. Jewelry is used to accent and compliment your outfit. While the idea behind the statement necklace was to add a pop of color or shiny-sparkly to your otherwise black and/or white or solid other color outfit, simple gold pieces streamline your outfit and highlights underrated beauty in your wrists and neckline. Again, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying statement necklaces are completely out and tacky - they're just a different style, one I'm switching out of. Recent…

Exploring Beyond the Hedges: Montrose Shop, Montrose

I'll be starting a new series, "Exploring Beyond the Hedges," in which I document all the cool local businesses I visit around Houston. Either fashion or lifestyle influences, or both, I hope to collect a list of boutiques readers can visit to shop or just see what Houston is all about!

Westheimer Road. One of the most hip streets of Houston, teeming with people on foot and in cars, and cluttered with great cafes and trendy boutiques. I assume just about one hundred percent of our student body knows of Common Bond and American Apparel, but how many have taken the risk of exploring the other local boutiques? A few feet down from Common Bond, nestled in between more prominent (in size and color) stores is a little old, white house with a newly hung sign, "Montrose Shop." If you were to try to peek inside from the street, you'd mistake this for someone's home, or a works in progress. On the contrary, the shop is open for business, and encourages that you d…

Écaille: The Upcoming Trend for Spring 2015

Transform your post - Beer Bike hair into this season's newest trend. Écaille Balayage, or Tortoiseshell, hair is emerging as Ombrè's long-awaited hair heir. I am not apologizing for that wordplay, either.

 Ecaille (pronounced ekaj) is a relatively new look, so your hairdresser might look a bit confused if you ask for it without bringing along some pictures. Luckily for you, I have plenty.

     While ombrè is a technique that can work on an infinite number of color combinations, ecaille is more of a mix between technique and the actual colors being used. It's been referred to as a more sophisticated and mature ombre. The highlights are more evenly distributed throughout the hair and this smooth, dispersed, pattern is why it's nicknamed tortoiseshell.

       Tortoiseshell hair can work for both blondes and brunettes, and for both warm skin tones (olive, gold, and yellow undertones) and cooler tones (pink undertones). The colors range from lowlights of mahogany and chocol…