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BCL: Last Minute Guide

You wake up and check your phone only to notice that Facebook has reminded you that Baker College Limits is happening today and you totally forgot. You already promised that you'd go so now you're in a bit of a mess. What do you wear? Is it more like a public party with live music a la Sid 80s or a chill event unworthy of anything more than sweats and a free t-shirt?
That's were we come in! Read this quick guide to give you some ideas on what to wear to add to your (awesome) Baker College Limits experience!
Luckily today is going to be a warm one, a nice 71 degrees, unfortunately shadowed by the call for thunderstorms throughout the day.
With this in mind here are a few ideas to inspire you for BCL~!
Keep it Simple Grunge: This look consists of a combination of different hues for a simple but edgy look. Stick to blacks, whites, and greys in plain jeans, shirts, and flannels to channel your inner grunge!
Inspiration: Keep it comfy This look is all about freedom to move and…