Oscar de la Renta

        Oscar de la Renta (1932-2014) by Mary A. 

        Rising through the competitive fashion ranks, Oscar de la Renta’s story is truly noteworthy. From dressing First Ladies' Michelle and Jackie O to making the everyday girl look regal, de la Renta has done it all !

                Born in the Dominican Republic in an elite family, he focused on painting at Madrid’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts. His full skirts are evidence of his time at Balenciaga (an iconic and formerly haute couture brand) while his focus on femininity and strength of the woman is shown through his time being an assistant at Lanvin and also working at Elizabeth Arden. A Life Magazine cover kick started his career, making him a household name in the late 60’s.

               He broke racial barriers by designing for Balmain’s haute couture collections in the early 90’s. De la Renta has also been President twice (twice !) for the Council of Fashion Designers of America (basically Olympic gold for fashion designers) amongst other impressive accolades.

Balmain by de la Renta 1995

             The de la renta look is a true classic. The 1950’s and 60’s full shapes that are making a fast-fashion comeback today in circle, bell, and a-line skirt variations? You can thank de la Renta for that! But he always made sure that his looks were beautiful, feminine, but not stuffy nor severe. Case in point-his last collection is scattered with skirt suits and separates that are perfect for interviews, but also great for a day in the park with the eyelet crop-tops and gingham shorts (#youthful).   

Oscar de la Renta ss15

 Oscar de la Renta has been an inspiration for many popular designers today, such as Zac Posen, by making age nothing but a number for style and always placing classics first.  The world may have lost a legend, but his creations will always stay with us! 

Cleopatra, Butterflies and Easter Eggs: Esperanza 2014 Guide Part III

So traditionally (can I say traditionally if it's only been done once?), our guides go along with the Esperanza theme... But is the "Night at the Museum" really just one theme?

Our answer to that is... nope! It's many themes, and in this guide, we'll be styling to the Hall of Ancient Egypt, Butterfly, and Faberge exhibits.

The Cleopatra look is one of the most classic styles that iconic women through time have recreated for their own tastes. This gives us a wide range of looks to work with, but it all narrows down to three aspects: the eyeliner, the jewelry, and the tunic dress (or similar.) The Butterfly and Faberge exhibits kind of lend themselves to their own themes: flowery and bejeweled. Dresses for those two fall under many categories, so you can coordinate your makeup and accessories accordingly once you pick your dress.

The theme colors for Esperanza this year are black and gold, but this season's runway palette has consisted of all pastels colors, black and white, and warm jewel tones like
royal blues, brick reds, jade greens, goldrenrod (TFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hehehe), and coffee browns. So don't limit yourself to the standard LBD (although those are always a good fallback and classic) and add to your color scheme this season!

The Original Cat Eyeliner Look

all images from Google search "cleopatra eyeliner"

I'm not the resident makeup guru (maybe she'll make a special guest appearance somewhere), so here are some pictures I found of a few slightly different styles.

Bibs Aren't Just for Babies

The bib necklace has been popular for a while now, and it doesn't seem to be going out of phase any time soon. It's a quick and easy option to immediately make an outfit look multiple degrees dressier. Throw a metal plate bib necklace on a sweater and go from office to evening out. A relaxed maxi can become a homecoming dress with a glittery, jeweled piece.

An alternative version to the bib is the torc styled necklace, or similar. You may be more familiar with the torc bracelet, but torc necklaces are also a simple alternative to fancy statement pieces. 

h&m | asos | h&m    

Tectunic Shifts

That was supposed to be a play on 'tectonic shifts'... like tectonic plates... it's been a long week and a real struggle....

But shift dresses have become my new favorite this year because they're so easy to style up and down, you can rewear them for multiple occasions! Although I'm personally going for floor length chiffon (aka rewearing my prom dress hehe), the shorter dresses are always a popular choice for some reason, so here are all of the ones that I picked out for the exhibit themes!

UO | nasty gal | nasty gal

(So even though I was really partial to black and golds during the time I browsed for dresses, remember, you don't have to wear just black and/or gold!!!! Branch out! Please don't make me the only one wearing pastel pink at the dance.........)

romwe | f21 | zara

What I really like about these dresses is that they can be easily dressed up or down. Despite the print or the sequins, you can make it work for a day in the office or a date night out.

romwe | UO | f21

These dresses are just about everywhere in style... But that just shows how much leeway you have thanks to the really broad theme!

For more ideas/buying options for accessories and dresses, you can check out my Luvocracy here, on which I will be constantly adding choices as I also shop for Esperanza! 

Thank you for reading and remember to come out to McMurtry Commons this Friday, October 31st, 1-5PM for fashion advice and makeup help (maybe mini makeup makeovers?)!!!! We will have Halloween treats for the first few people who stop by, and a photobooth to show off your #riceootd! 

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