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Showing posts from September 15, 2014

Summer Favorites and Procrastination [Welcome Back to School!]

First off, I would like to thank all of our followers and readers, as well as the people who have let me take a picture of them for #riceootd! 

While we're experiencing a 'cold front,' let's be honest. It's still going to be summer for at least a few more weeks, so here are a few of our summertime favorites! 

Kai Holnes, one of our bloggers and editors, is rocking the mixed leather look in her favorite summer #ootd shown below. She says sunglasses are the item for this summer because "they're an item you really don't get to use during the rest of the year as much as you use them during the summer. With Amazon and Forever 21 carrying cheap and awesome sunnies in all styles and colors they can add so much to your outfit!" Houston is a pretty sunny city year round, so sunglasses are a good staple to keep in your purse or backpack!

Meanwhile, our other blogger and resident make up guru, Ali Pineiro, "love[s] a good maxi dress. They're comfortabl…