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DIY Roundup: Back to School Edition

Are you interested in DIY projects? Does the wealth of websites and projects cause you to lay down in defeat instead?
Fear no more able-bodied citizen! The people of 6100 main have you covered. We've searched the interwebs looking for DIY projects for all! Whether you barely can cut something in a straight line or are a DIY Masta, we have something for you. Each DIY Roundup will have a theme that the posts will revolve around. If there are different types of DIYs (clothing, accessories, organization) they will be separated out into each category.
Each DIY will also have a rating of the difficulty. The levels are as follows: Novice- If you've only done crafts in school and weren't very good at them this is you~ Easy- Some crafting experience. Made a few things here and there.  Intermediate- Have a few craft projects under your belt. Completed things with many steps. Expert- You know what your doing. You may even have a room dedicated just for crafts/DIYs.
***Note: Don't be Afraid to…