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Spring 2014 Ready to Wear

Technically speaking, this guide is a whole season late. In the fashion world, the Spring runways are held in the Fall before. But since it's still somewhat winter (hello cold rain and 40° weather), we're just in time.

Angled and Structured

Prominent features since the time of 20th century Hollywood glamour, structured coats, A-line skirts, and shoulder lines are classic. Phillip Lim brings it all back together with a modern, office-ready twist for his line 3.1 Phillip Lim.

This Forever 21 (an increasing favorite brand, but that's for another post) bodysuit does a pretty good job imitating this style with the square shouldered sleeves and structured pants. The coat is from ASOS' own line and it does a good job imitating Lim's style, with a bit of Alexander Wang influence. 

(A/N: Across 50+ designer runways, white and black continue to have a reigning presence. Surprise? Not really.)

St. Patrick Greens
Spring is bright sunshine and colorful flowers and green trees... B…