Spring 2014 Ready to Wear

Technically speaking, this guide is a whole season late. In the fashion world, the Spring runways are held in the Fall before. But since it's still somewhat winter (hello cold rain and 40° weather), we're just in time.

Angled and Structured

Prominent features since the time of 20th century Hollywood glamour, structured coats, A-line skirts, and shoulder lines are classic. Phillip Lim brings it all back together with a modern, office-ready twist for his line 3.1 Phillip Lim.

3.1 Phillip Lim

This Forever 21 (an increasing favorite brand, but that's for another post) bodysuit does a pretty good job imitating this style with the square shouldered sleeves and structured pants. The coat is from ASOS' own line and it does a good job imitating Lim's style, with a bit of Alexander Wang influence. 

F21 | ASOS       

(A/N: Across 50+ designer runways, white and black continue to have a reigning presence. Surprise? Not really.)

St. Patrick Greens

Spring is bright sunshine and colorful flowers and green trees... But bright yellows and pastel pinks are being pushed aside as the greens take their turn to fifteen seconds of fame. Christopher Kane is cutting edges with his minimal mint and white dress, reminiscent of leaves and flower petals. On the other side of the spectrum, Lanvin goes all out. Somehow this works, but if you're not as bold (or not being paid) to wear this, Lanvin's pieces are just as fabulous by themselves as they are in the runway ensemble.

Christopher Kane | Lanvin

Day or night out, there's always an option for something green. It could be as much of a closet staple as leafy greens are a staple to a healthy diet! To the club or to the park, there's a green for every individual's taste.

Nasty Gal | F21

Prints and Florals Galore! 

"Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking" (Devil Wears Prada). So Miranda has a point. Or rather, a moot one, since it seems like florals are here to stay. As for prints, the queens of tumblr and hobo-chic style having been phasing into this trend with such approval that the dsigners have adopted it.

Eudon Choi | 10 Crosby Derek Lam | Brandon Sun

I feel like there's not much to say here because it's as if the fashion world is behind on this whole floral/print trend, and the hipsters and bohos can just tell us all what to do. Nevertheless, let us appreciate the runway influenced pieces found at much more affordable prices.

ASOS | Nasty Gal | F21

Wow. Much floral. Very spring. Such fashion.

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