2013 Holiday Outfits for Girls

This article will feature a few items to jump-start your brainstorming. Click here to view the full collection of all the pieces, including the ones shown below, I picked out to wear this holiday season.

Gold and Black is the new Black

If you haven't noticed it while you were shopping, now is the time to know. A gold twist has been added to the classic black, ranging from dresses (see our Firey Homecoming article) to rompers to accessories. Not only will this be perfect this season, but it's a trend that will never get old. 

Red Nosed Reindeer

You can never go wrong with classic reds, either bright like Rudolph's nose, or dark like the Grinch's heart. With dresses or skirts (or shorts!), black tights are the safest to go with. If you're feeling bold, make sure you consider what shoes you're wearing before picking out the stockings. Pair the red with a matching lip color or smokey eyes! 

Make the Cut

As the stores fill with more and more dresses every season, designers must think of new innovative ways to differentiate their holiday dress from the others. Sure, we love the classic little black A-line dress but this year, we've noticed edgier cuts in stock. If you're not afraid to show some skin, these dresses will flatter your body in new and interest ways. However, these probably weren't made for your family's Christmas party.


Foil and metal plating and metallic coatings are all the rave, especially this season. Begin 2014 with dazzling pumps or sparkling arm candy, ready to face the new year like the tough cookie metal you are. Don't go overboard though; keep the metallic accents to a minimum. 


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