Elle Eccles

Name: Elle Eccles

College: Martel '15

Major: English & Psychology

Describe your style: My color palette typically involves reds and burgundies, corals and pinks, turquoises and dark blues. And purple. Lots of purple. I’m careful to only buy things that go well with my skin tone, although black and white and red is also a great combo that I keep coming back to.

Style Inspiration: I get my ideas from the styles of my peers, TV show characters, strangers on the street—really, keeping a style-inclined eye out helps me get an idea of what looks good on what body type, what colors go well together, etc., and I often end up organizing not just my look but my friends’ looks as well. That being said, I don’t approach style as a way to dress, I approach style as a creative outlet. It’s something I feel. And I’m always looking to change things up, always reinventing old outfits as a way of creating just one more thing that’s nice to look at.

Favorite Clothing Item: Every single A-line dress I own.

#1 Accessory: My hair. I’ve actually had to re-introduce myself to someone before because my hair had changed dramatically that they failed to recognize me. I love how much I can do with it.

Tips? When looking for clothes, find clothes that flatter your figure; there are always some out there, if you know what to do with them and when. I often try something on I think will look great on me, only to find out I was terribly wrong; a lot of times it’s just a matter of trial and error. And also, I guess I’d add that there’s nothing wrong with modesty. A good look balances class with adventure.
In my opinion, a look is everything.
It’s hair, it’s nails, it’s rings and earrings and necklaces and shoes, it’s legs, it’s color agreement, it’s overall silhouette; it’s attitude, too, as well as clothes. The number one comment I receive on my appearance is that I am “well put together,” and more often than not I am complemented on my whole look, as opposed to just a single item, because when I’m putting together my outfit in the morning, I take it all into consideration. It is my firm belief that assembling pieces well says a lot more about my presentation and creativity than does a single strong piece on its own. The latter says, “I know how to buy cute things,” but the former says “I know how to assemble.”

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