Belle Douglas

"I bought the pants when traveling in Greece. They were just so beautiful and they make such a statement."
 Name: Belle Douglass

College: Martel ‘16

Major: Psychology

What's your favorite clothing item: I love dresses, but I think my true obsession is with shoes. I own over 30 pairs.

"I found the dress for $5 at a thrift store. I love these red boots. Red is definitely my favorite accent color, it just adds so much life to an outfit. I especially love the black, white, and red color scheme. "

Making my own clothes: I first learned to sew at age 10 when my grandmother taught me to make clothes for my dolls. We cut patterns out of newspaper, and I sewed the clothes by hand. I now have a sewing machine (it used to belong to my great-grandmother) and cut patterns out of pattern paper, but I still love making clothes. I have a very loose process when it comes to designing things: sometimes I have a shape in my head that I really want to try out, and other times I just fall in love with a fabric and spend hours trying to figure out what it should be. There is a very steep learning curve when it comes to making your own clothes; the first time I tried to go off pattern I ended up with a skirt about two sizes too small! That being said, it is an extremely valuable skill because now when I go shopping, if I see something I really like but it’s too big or too long, I can just alter it to fit me. I still have a lot to learn about making my own clothes but it is a hobby I will have for the rest of my life. 

Fun Tip: A thrift store is a great place to go fabric shopping on a budget. Just look for a larger size than you usually would wear so you have some leeway with the fabric.

"I make some of my clothes and alter even more of them. This dress started its life as a floor length dress with an extremely high collar and HUGE shoulder pads. My mom couldn’t understand why I was buying it but I just loved the pattern. Since then it has undergone some significant alterations (it was also a few sizes too big) and I love the end result. "
Photographer's Statement:
"I chose Belle because she always stands out. She's a person with a soft voice but a loud wardrobe, and I have mad respect for people with style, especially those who let their clothes do the talking. I thought her style was unique, eclectic, and personal, and I wanted to showcase her artistic personal tastes." - Elle Eccles

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