Esperanza 2014: 4 Fiery Tips

We're back once more with the second part to our Esperanza 2014 style guide -this time we're sparking your imagination with these hot tips!

Follow the Flames
ASOS | Lipsy Dress | $70
If you’re looking for nice detail, the stitching and embellishments on this go well with the orange-red, as if flames have been sewn on.

Catching Fire

For inspiration we turned to the fiery spirit of Katniss from the Hunger Games. 

Embody the brighter flames with this flowy, bright yellow dress – it’ll stand out among the icy dresses and dark suites for sure – or a billowy red one like the one Cinna created.

Nasty Gal | Rare London Giovane Brocade Dress | $98
 ...Or if you're more inspired by Katniss's coal outfit. Melted metallic gold and black make for a sultry combination!

Smoked Out
Pictures are from
Smokey eyes have always been a great go to for a weekend night out, but sometimes people forget to tone down everything. Keep the blush to a minimum and choose a nude/light pink lip color.

Iconic Reds

From our beloved Princess Mia (Anne Hathaway) to the modern country princess Taylor Swift, the classic full red lip is always a do. Fires come in many different colors, so don’t feel pressured to wear a bright red that doesn’t match your dress. And, similarly to the smokey eyes, if you go for the bright red lips, tone down your eye makeup. A single, light to medium stroke of liner will do, with some natural shadowing if you must.


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