Esperanza 2014: 4 Icy Tips

Esperanza is less than two weeks away and we hope that dress shopping hasn't been too stressful. With two great themes (Fire & Ice), there's a lot of room for fun and creativity. Here are a few simple tips that will inspire and help you find the perfect icy dress! 

Falling Snow
JK2 | Strapless Mesh Cocktail Dress | $56
Nothing says ice more than actual ice. Sequins, jewels and crystals are the perfect way to turn a dark colored dress into a snowy night.

Teal, Mint, and Purple Mountain's Majesty
Zara | Long Gathered Dress | $139
Everyone and their mothers are going to be wearing blue! Mix it up a little by adding in some green and purple hues and you'll be queen of the tundra.

Sleeves of Snow
BCBG | Lake Rhine Stone Cocktail Dress | $428
Esperanza is going to be in a tent outside. You want to look cool but that doesn't mean you have to freeze your butt off. I personally think long sleeved white mini dresses are so so classy.


If you already have a nice simple dress and just want to add a few more thematic touches, go with a statement necklace! No matter where you shop or what your price range is, you can always find ones that look like snow crystals, icy rocks and glassy flowers.

....Stay tuned for the fire guide!

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