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Sarah Percival

Name: Sarah Percival College: Duncan '14
Major: Math & Statistics 

Describe your personal style: Colorful, simple, modern.
Favorite places to shop: Forever 21, Buffalo Exchange, other thrift and consignment stores.
What is your style journey? Why do you dress the way you dress? I want to be able to express myself visually, but I can't really draw or paint so I use my clothes to make a statement. It's easier to put on a pretty dress in the morning rather than putting on pants and a shirt. I'm pretty lazy in the morning, so I like to do things that are quick.

Any fashion or style tips? Shop at thrift stores, 'cause you can find really interesting things that are really cheap.

Photographer Statement:
"I featured Sarah because she has a unique, colorful style that really stands out." -Nathan Alison