Brittney Xu

Name: Brittney Xu

College: Brown '14

Major: English & Economics

Describe your style in three words.
Evolving, Vibrant/Colorful

What was your style journey?
The way you dress shapes how others see you--it's always an experiment for me. It's fascinating that people react differently when I dress up and each outfit feels like a different costume or personality. That's why I can't quite pin down my personal style, because it's dependent on who I want to be that day. I believe in fashion's power to challenge people's expectations and speak against authority.

You say you experiment--what do you look for in people's expectations? What's a "successful experiment"?
If I'm trying to look good, I could try to get compliments, of course. If I'm feeling cynical, maybe I'll subvert how you're "supposed to dress". Any reaction is successful, because what I'm interested in is the reaction and the social context behind it. It's more of what I can do to myself.

Do you pay attention to fashion and trends?
Yes, to a point. I like to try out new trends, but I know what works for my body type. It's an exercise in imagination, and I think trends work well with that--it's new material.

Best and worst style decisions/outfits you've done?
Best: I found a velvet evening gown from Goodwill with a thigh slit and I wore it with an oversized T-shirt that said "it-girl" on it. I liked it because it was unexpected, and it reflects how much I like to go thrifting. I like to think about how the items came to the thrift store. Every vintage piece has a story, and I can incorporate that into my story, and how I wanted to look that day.

Style tips?
Know your body type, know what looks good on you. Don't be afraid to experiment, but at the end of the day, you have the power to say yes or no to certain fashions and how they define you.


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