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Ashley Ugarte

Name: Ashley Ugarte
College: Martel
Major: Health Sciences and Environmental Policy Studies
Describe your style: Sexy, Confident, Eclectic, with a touch of vintage
What inspires your style?: My mom, she was and still is a fashion icon in my eyes. Always starting trends and would rock MC Hammer pants back in the 80's. Gotta love her.
Favorite Place to Shop: Definitely secondhand clothing stores, thrift shops, and vintage boutiques. You run into lots of gems there. Then there's always Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, and Anthropologie, a few of my faves for when I decide against being entirely eco-friendly. 

Favorite clothing item: High-waisted anything. I seriously can't wear normal pants, shorts, or skirts anymore. 
#1 Accessory:Earrings. Only studs. Otherwise I feel naked or look like a chola... no hoop earrings for me thank you very much! 
Tips, yo?: Don't be afraid to be yourself, as much of a cliche as that is, it always holds true, from style to making friends. If you …