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Nathan Alison

Name: Nathan Alison

College: Brown College '14

Major: Computer Science

Describe your style: Classy-ish, geek-chic.

What motivates you to dress up everyday? It's a cascading feedback loop---people liked it when I dressed up so I started experimenting more until I dress like this everyday. People actually get mad when I don't dress up. It makes me more confident and helps me stand out---plus it's fun.

Any fashion faux pas? Senior year of high school, I wore exclusively pastel polo shirts.

How do you feel about fashion trends? I believe in them so much as they are something to subvert. They exist but you can work around them.

What inspires your style of dressing? I try to be as unbound by time period as possible. My bow tie/suit combo has been around since the 1800's. I purposefully fit different decades into my aesthetic.

Any fashion advice? Maybe a lot of people have the mindset that "You don't have to worry about dressing up because you're a guy", but you…