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Michael Awalt

Name: Michael Awalt

College: Hanszen '16 Major: Architecture  Favorite Decade: I don't try to find inspiration from the past, but if I could pick one, it would probably be the 80s. The 80s seem awesome. #1 Fashion Do: "Guys, the best rule of thumb for what you are wearing is to have one truly bold item per outfit - nothing more. Don't make your outfit a competition within itself. If you're looking to add color, try a vibrant solid color shirt with a pair of black, white, gray, or dark wash jeans. Another way to add color is through pants. Many stores are starting to carry colored denim now and the variety is endless. Don't cop-out on the color though-- get something bright and vibrant. Be sure to wear something very subtle with the pants though, and don't be too coordinated with the pants or its starts too look tacky. And don't get orange pants. Just don't." #1 Fashion Don't: Those toe-shoe things. What the hell are people thinking.
Shirt: Versa…