Maggie Sulc

Name: Maggie Sulc

College: Martel '13

Major: English

Style Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn and classic film. But when I was abroad, I was inspired to try layering more with tights and leggings; that's what all the British girls did. And finally, the 20's. I already have the bob haircut.

Where's your favorite place to shop?: Anne Taylor Loft. I love the bright colors and the classic fit of most pieces.

What's your favorite clothing item: My black oxford's. They click when I walk down the halls and what makes you more confident than your shoes announcing your presence?

#1 Fashion Do: Wear the style that makes you feel confident and helps you stand out from the crowd.

#1 Fashion Don't: It's hard to come up with a fashion don't because like so many rules, I can always think of the exception. But I suppose it would have to be wearing the same thing most every day of the week (I'm talking about you, work-out shorts and t-shirts people).

#1 Accessory: Red lipstick.

Photographed and Interviewed by Elle Eccles.

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