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Amber Callan

Name: Amber Callan
College: Wiess '15
Major: Biochemistry/Cell Biology & Psychology
Style Inspiration: As a military brat, I've lived fifteen places including Germany and England. My travels and the friends I've made along the way help inspire me in life and in fashion.
Where's your favorite place to shop?: Black Milk Clothing! JL and his company are so inspirational creating a brand and a community out of nothing. Plus they help me put everything including galaxies, paintings and fruit on my legs.
What's your favorite clothing item: My Pulp Sesame swimsuit. It's a parody on the classic Jules and Vincent pose from Pulp Fiction using Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. It's funny, simple and the fact that it's super flattering helps too..
#1 Fashion Do: Do try new things! Wearing a new trend or trying out an odd print is a part of style discovery. Besides, fashion should be fun.
#1 Fashion Don't: Don't let anyone define what you wear. Fashion is all …