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Yutian He

Name: Yutian He
College/Year: Martel College '16
Major: Architecture Major and double majoring in Visual Arts with a minor in Anthropology. 
Style Inspiration: My style inspiration is based off my architecture work and mathematical logic. I like something that is complex, yet simple and clear to understand. Some of my projects from last year dealt with hypercubes and wormholes. As a transition to style, I love complex patterns with neutral tones. I'm also inspired by artists such as Rem Koolhaas and Jeanne Gang. 
Where's your favorite place to shop?: I like the idea of reusing clothing and getting lots of use out of it. One of my favorite places to find clothing is my mom's closet, actually! 
What's your favorite clothing item: My art shirt and tights with my rainboots because they make me feel invincible. 

What's your #1 accessory: Ample Sleep and inspiration
#1 Fashion Do: Wear something you can pull all-nighter's in. 
#1 Fashion Don't: Don't wear clothes…