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Michael Awalt

Name: Michael Awalt

College: Hanszen '16 Major: Architecture  Favorite Decade: I don't try to find inspiration from the past, but if I could pick one, it would probably be the 80s. The 80s seem awesome. #1 Fashion Do: "Guys, the best rule of thumb for what you are wearing is to have one truly bold item per outfit - nothing more. Don't make your outfit a competition within itself. If you're looking to add color, try a vibrant solid color shirt with a pair of black, white, gray, or dark wash jeans. Another way to add color is through pants. Many stores are starting to carry colored denim now and the variety is endless. Don't cop-out on the color though-- get something bright and vibrant. Be sure to wear something very subtle with the pants though, and don't be too coordinated with the pants or its starts too look tacky. And don't get orange pants. Just don't." #1 Fashion Don't: Those toe-shoe things. What the hell are people thinking.
Shirt: Versa…

Joanne Wang

Name: Joanne Wang
College: Brown '14
Major: Biological Sciences
Style inspiration: Audrey Hepburn, things I glean from classic movies
Favorite place to shop: Thrift stores down Westheimer
Favorite clothing items: Menswear and knitted things
Fashion do/don't: I honestly think people should do whatever they want. Fashion changes so much, so as long as you're comfortable with how you look, you should dress however you want.

 Photographed and Interviewed by Susan Xie.

Maggie Sulc

Name: Maggie Sulc
College: Martel '13
Major: English

Style Inspiration: Audrey Hepburn and classic film. But when I was abroad, I was inspired to try layering more with tights and leggings; that's what all the British girls did. And finally, the 20's. I already have the bob haircut.
Where's your favorite place to shop?: Anne Taylor Loft. I love the bright colors and the classic fit of most pieces.
What's your favorite clothing item: My black oxford's. They click when I walk down the halls and what makes you more confident than your shoes announcing your presence?
#1 Fashion Do: Wear the style that makes you feel confident and helps you stand out from the crowd.
#1 Fashion Don't: It's hard to come up with a fashion don't because like so many rules, I can always think of the exception. But I suppose it would have to be wearing the same thing most every day of the week (I'm talking about you, work-out shorts and t-shirts people).
#1 Accessory: Red lipstick…

Amber Callan

Name: Amber Callan
College: Wiess '15
Major: Biochemistry/Cell Biology & Psychology
Style Inspiration: As a military brat, I've lived fifteen places including Germany and England. My travels and the friends I've made along the way help inspire me in life and in fashion.
Where's your favorite place to shop?: Black Milk Clothing! JL and his company are so inspirational creating a brand and a community out of nothing. Plus they help me put everything including galaxies, paintings and fruit on my legs.
What's your favorite clothing item: My Pulp Sesame swimsuit. It's a parody on the classic Jules and Vincent pose from Pulp Fiction using Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street. It's funny, simple and the fact that it's super flattering helps too..
#1 Fashion Do: Do try new things! Wearing a new trend or trying out an odd print is a part of style discovery. Besides, fashion should be fun.
#1 Fashion Don't: Don't let anyone define what you wear. Fashion is all …

DIY: Workout Tank

Wondering what to do with your old Beer Bike shirts? Stuck with leftover College Night tees? Why not turn them into workout tanks---perfect to wear to the gym while you're working toward that swimsuit body.

Start with an old t-shirt (the bigger the shirt, the baggier the fit of the tank.

1) Cut from under the arm holes to the shoulder. Make sure the actual "straps" are cut straight (although you can customize their placement and width). Now, make a u-shape from one side of the collar to the other. The deepness of the U can depend on how much of the print on the front that you want to preserve. Lastly, cut the bottom seam off; the cut can be wider in the middle of the shirt (especially if you want a cropped fit in front).

2) Turn the shirt over and make the racerback shape skinnier by cutting out more of the sides.

3) Take the extra cut-off from the bottom of the shirt and slice it into one long strand.

4) Using this strand, tie a knot at the top of the racerback, where you wa…

Angela Tran

Name: Angela Tran
College: Martel College '14
Major: Art? (the question mark is essential)
Style inspiration: Anime movies. I also like how free Helena Bonham Carter is with her style.

Favorite place to shop: Thrifting in general!

Favorite clothing items: Bow hair bands

Thoughts on fashion do's and don'ts:There is no do or don't. Fashion is silly. People should be naked.

Photographed and Interviewed by Susan Xie.

Yutian He

Name: Yutian He
College/Year: Martel College '16
Major: Architecture Major and double majoring in Visual Arts with a minor in Anthropology. 
Style Inspiration: My style inspiration is based off my architecture work and mathematical logic. I like something that is complex, yet simple and clear to understand. Some of my projects from last year dealt with hypercubes and wormholes. As a transition to style, I love complex patterns with neutral tones. I'm also inspired by artists such as Rem Koolhaas and Jeanne Gang. 
Where's your favorite place to shop?: I like the idea of reusing clothing and getting lots of use out of it. One of my favorite places to find clothing is my mom's closet, actually! 
What's your favorite clothing item: My art shirt and tights with my rainboots because they make me feel invincible. 

What's your #1 accessory: Ample Sleep and inspiration
#1 Fashion Do: Wear something you can pull all-nighter's in. 
#1 Fashion Don't: Don't wear clothes…